Plastic Chord

Minnesota, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Zouk / K-POP / Hyphy
Smiles n Frowns, Inc
Electronic Press Kit (EPK) available HERE

New e.p. "Electric Tendrils" now available at shows and Electric Fetus. Available online now.

Colonial Conundrum

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The Plastic Chord Attitude

Implanted Kingdom

Past shows at:

First Ave. Mainroom, The 7th Street Entry, Turf Club, Canopy Club (Urbana, IL), Red Line Tap (Chicago, IL), Hexagon Bar, Triple Rock Social Club, The Nite Owl (Dayton,OH), Cafe Bourbon Street (Columbus, OH), 400 Bar, Mad Planet (Milwaukee, WI), Big V's, Bedlam Theater, The Annex (Madison, WI), Mike n Molly's (Urbana, IL), Melody Inn (Indianapolis, IN), Dinkytowner, Sound Gallery, Cafe Montmartre (Madison, WI), The Bottling House Theater, What's Up Lounge (Mankato, MN), Macalaster College, The Whole (U of M campus), Frankie's (Toledo, OH), Kitty Cat Club, Stasiu's, Club Underground, Viking Bar, The Klinic (Madison, WI), The modern Exchange (Detroit, MI), Electric Earth Cafe (Madison), The Project Lodge (madison, WI), Memory Lanes, Nomad World Pub, Steaknife, Uptown Bar, The Fine Line Music Cafe, 331 Club, Art-a-Whirl festival, and more.

"Even 'avant-garde' fails to describe quasi-synth-pop collective Plastic Chord, an eight-member band boasting 10-plus instruments-- a slide whistle, a theremin, smart lyrics, and a spooky, sci-fi live show with a high-brow sense of humor that charms as often as it confuses."

-Katherine Tylevich (The Onion- A.V. Twin Cities)

(on the song 'Mirrors For Princes') "There is a morose male vocal in the centre of the metal machinery. This is like walking down a long corridor of mirrors that distort your perception of reality, alternative could be an understatement but it's still very accessible for a flexible ear"


"With horns, an organ and guitars, as well as percussion from a xylophone, drumset and assorted kitchen utensils, they made a Beirut-like clatter based around the melodies of frontman Orion Treon. They recently released their Colonial Conundrum full-length and played a number of tracks that are not part of their usual stage show. Closing with “Thang Goin’ On” the drums and xylophone played complementing rhythms as Treon and the band built up the rattle and verve, proving that indeed they do have some thang goin’ on, that indeed these nights and these cities do."

-Carl Atiya Swanson ( 02.22.08)

"Plastic Chord are some sort of mutating beast, and they push their own mix by throwing so many people into the gene pool. With nine people on stage, they were at their best with layered proggy sound morphing into a howling dance party. It’s an electro-clatter, Bowie-channeling mess, a gypsy whirl and rush."

-Carl Atiya Swanson ( 06.08.08)
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