Pierre Deutschmann

Berlin, Berlin, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Electro / Techno / Electronica
platform b - ccm - farbenfroh - fullscale
Pierre Deutschmann, born in july 1974 on the westside of berlin/germany, is a German DJ, record producer and remix artist.with his roots in early hip hop, acid-house and elctronic made music in generell, he was inspired by technical instruments at a very young age.

In Germany, in the 1990s ,he played an important role in developing Techno Music music with his work as a producer and remixer.

Pierre Deutschmann has earned a lot of experience while continuing to produce records for a lot of different labels & artists all around the world.

he was releasing so many records that people got to notice him. on his way he got the chance to remix & work with international artists like robbie rivera, louie vega, justice, rockers hifi, dj pierre, lützenkirchen and paul van dyk.

in 2008 he decided not produce anyone else but himself and by that matter he decided to establish his own label k:lender.

Since 2009 pierre deutschmann is also a member of platform b, Lützenkirchens label.

he considers himself as a workoholic and producer with an attitude,

which means soundwise u can expect everything from uplifting house, tech-house, pure techno-electro or even straigt up minimal traxx.

pierre deutschmann got its point across by releasing fresh electronic-sound of its best!

u will definetly hear alot of innovative & uplifting technology compositions in the future.

so stay tuned and watch out for his releases!

Latest tracks by pierre deutschmann
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