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PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, US
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Rock / Psychedelic / Pop
compulsiv, darla, chumpire, 100 GM, empyrean
our solar system's sun is the outermost planet of another solar system. as the earth revolves around the sun, the sun is moving towards a huge band of photonic matter. every year since about 1962, our planet has been immersed in the photon band for increased amounts of time. by 2012, we will be fully immersed in the photon band. oh yeah, and read a book every now and then, for god's sake. you might LEARN something.

here's a separate snocap store that will contain an increasing number of unreleased tunes / alternate versions of songs appearing on albums. these will probably never appear on any of our albums. but i will feature one or two in the myspace player so that you can sample before you buy. get to grabbin'.

this just in: you rock. and in other news, we are coming BACK (the eff) DOWN TO EARTH. why, I don't know. it's a mess down there. but where else can you get doritos? buy this album. it kind of looks like this:

here's an advert / vid featuring the title track, by the great Carrie Yotter:

((('get down here in the stratosphere'))); is also out on all major digital venues including iTunes and above on SnoCap.

I made this video for the title track, called "stratosphere". I know life is hard, what with all the problems LiLo's been having lately, but.try to enjoy it, please. It takes us through all stages of evolution, from the primoridial muck all the way to humanity's most advanced form, the jackson 5.

The great Scot Colan made the next video of our song "Where Did the Love Go?" Watching this will do you good in ways you can't figure out.

if that doesn't make you feel better, we will be closing the set on the 24th of July at JohnnyBrendas on mother of all sweaty summer bills: Do You Need the Service (11.30), pHoTon baNd (10.30) and Grimace Federation (9.30). Come be in the same room with us while we play. You can cover your ears if you'd like. I recommend against it.

in the meantime, to simulate what is undoubtedly the mind blowing experience of watching grown men in their late 30s and early 40s honk on their instruments in a too-dark club, hook your computer up to a big fat old stereo with speaker furniture, and turn these youtubes ALL THE WAY UP.

(photon band mark v at johnnybrendas, december, '08, right before the shit hit the fan (((camerawork, and griping, by the incomparable elise brown))))

(photon band mark iv at johnnybrendas, august, '07 (((viddy by greg knowles, chumpire))))

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