Kumanda Kuli Boring - [by Petersen Zagaze] ZAMBIAN DANCE - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 09, 2013
Music video of "Kumanda Kuli Boring" by the great Zambian singer, Petersen Zagaze.

You never get tired of the thrilling Zambian dance music of Petersen Zagaze (real name, Mukubesa Mundia), the great singer who entered the Zambian music scene in 2002 as a song writer and backing vocalist for various renowned Zambian artists. He is easily one of the greatest musicians the African continent has ever seen.

Petersen had his first taste on what was to be an incredible journey by writing 'goodnight' for a group called Ba Crazy; the song was an instant hit and was also the title track for the group's album which featured Petersen on two of the tracks. His songwriting received such a huge response from fans around and instantaneously generated a demand for his creativity amongst other artists.

In 2003, Petersen worked with then Mondo Music Corp.'s Bob Mabege on his 'Mr. True album and featured on the hit single 'Poor Finishing' of the same album. Later that year Petersen wrote 'Nzabagwile' by 2 Proud and was introduced to music producer 'Jerry Fingaz'. By 2004, Petersen had written, composed and featured on 'Vobweleka bweleka' and 'Ngayaposa Kukosa' for Mwembe Muntu's album, one half of the group 'Black Muntu's; these tracks led Petersen into performing alongside big and renowned artists.
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