Pete Miser

Brooklyn, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / Trip Hop
Ho-Made Media
Pete Miser is a fiercely independent hip hop renaissance man from Portland Oregon. Equally comfortable behind the mic, turntables and mixing board, he has been writing and recording music since parachute pants were in fashion (the first time.) He now calls Brooklyn his home but only after seeing a good part of the globe through the windows of assorted vans, tour busses and airplanes.

Pete's career as a live performer has been defined primarily by his experiences in 5 Fingers Of Funk (the nine piece live hip hop band he fronted from 1992 until 1998) and as the turntablist for Jay Records recording artist, Dido and S-Curve band, Little Jackie. He has appeared on Late Night With David Letterman, The Tonight Show and performed live on MTV but more importantly, he has spit rhymes on every foul smelling microphone he could get his hands on between Sidney and Rio De Janeiro (and many in the Northern hemisphere as well!)

Despite his many frequent flyer miles, Pete is most at home in his Manhattan studio where he records his own songs as well as music for film, television and other artists. He has produced tracks for Half Pint, Chuck D, Imani Coppola, Melanie Fiona, Jin, Dres (from Black Sheep) and others. His film credits include contributions to The Night Listener, Everything Is Illuminated and Planet B-Boy. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his sixth album (tentatively titled "Honest Mistakes") and taking baby steps toward an album that will represent his return to the raw funk/hip hop hybrid that got him into all of this trouble in the first place!

"Pete Miser is a multi-talented, multi-cultural B-boy right out of Wild Style…"

- The Source

“He’s nicer on the mic than all three Beastie Boys put together-flowing effortlessly between self-depreciating humor and cocky bragadoccio, but never coming off like a cheesy cornball.” -XLR8R

“His sound brims with musical fire… "Camouflage Is Relative" is one of the best independently released hip-hop albums of the year.”

"In a scene where the battle cry is about independence and "keeping it real," Pete Miser stands out as an m.c./producer who takes these values to the extreme. As the owner of his own record label (Ho-Made Media) Pete is responsible for every aspect of his projects, from production to creative design to promotion…"

- From Chuck D's

"Hip-Hop could use some more role models like this…Smart and inventive."

- Alternative Press
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