Johannesburg, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Hip Hop
Seed Music (Sheer Sound)
Pestroy have been spreading the word and fighting the good fight for twelve years now, and remain one of the main pillars in the South African alternative music scene and "Kings of the Underground".
In a country starved of international attention, particularly in the alternative music genre, Pestroy have stepped up to the plate and have become the de-facto flag bearers of the home grown scene, giving local fans something to hang their hat on.
They've toured the entire country numerous times, played headline slots at all the major S.A. Festivals and have played just about every conceivable venue in South Africa. They have performed alongside international acts such as Pennywise (US), Funeral For a Friend (UK), Alkaline Trio (US), Haste The Day (US), Blindside (US), Entombed (US), Gyroscope (Australia), Spermbirds (Australia), Seether (US), Becoming the Archetype (US) and DJ Dieselboy (US). Pestroy are regulars on the local drum & bass scene and are often asked to perform with international DJ's as "no
other band gets the party started like Pestroy does".
It's total entropy at a Pestroy gig. Their live performance has become legendary. Pestroy's stage presence, razor sharp sound and airtight technical prowess make them an event-organizers dream, or nightmare if you're trying to maintain a calm silence - At Woodstock 2003, police shut down their set for creating too much of a ruckus and they have been shut down by the police a few shows since.
They have had 3 No 1 hits on Campus stations with the songs 'Aim To Please', 'Untapped' and 'Obligation'.
They were voted No. 9 in the most loved S.A. Band of all time survey help by TUKS FM.
Pestroy are proudly endorsed by Music Connection, Jagermeister, Monster Energy Drink, Jaded Ink Centurian - Home of Cathy's Tattoos,
Pearl Drums and Sabian.
Pestroy are a band of the highest caliber. Their dedication, devotion, passion and awesome power are mind blowing.
They should name a bomb after this band.
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