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Aere Alieno, SK Records
DOPPLeR stops his activities to do other things.
but we hope to see you soon with other projects. we'll tell you more about that as soon as possible.
'til this, take care,.
Thank you all,
See you,

Doppler bands up in 1998 in a basement in Solaize, in the southern suburbs of Lyon. The line up is Yann Coste on drums, Xavier Amado on bass and Yoann Brière on guitar. On top of the clever labelling 'intellectual hard rock' that has recently been invented for them, the band operates in a style that is commonly known as 'noise rock', oftenly followed by adjectives such as hypnotic, complex, furious, intense, frenetic, primitive, tortured, savage, stunning, distructured or chaotic (this is a non exhaustive list). All those terms match only one side of the trio, the dark and violent one. But the band can sometimes be more warm, gentle and in general more various. Note that none of the following terms has ever been used to qualify the music of Doppler : happy, joyful, funny or suitable for the whole family. This might come from the fact that all the bands grew up in Lyon, a city that has known in the past acts such as Condense, Deity guns and Bastard among others and which is now still known for it's numerous new bands such as Ned, Bananas at the audience, kabuki buddah and Overmars.(non exhaustive list.). This tradition has not only something to do with music, the will of independence is also something very important, which doesn't make them politised or involved but makes them willing to be free to walk their own ways!! The game of dropping influential names is not easy either, one could say Laddio Bollocko, Ulan Bator, Shellac or Chokebore but this wouldn't be enough for generally the band takes as influence everything they hear.
From their first collaboration with SK records in 1999 (EP 51) to the release of a split EP with Marvin (Douze salopards vol.2, SK records 2005). The band was also responsible for a split EP with NED (der hase ist grün, 2001), a first EP (Star sexual fantasy, SK 2001) and a first album -si nihil aliud -(that is now repressed for SK records). More than a 100 shows sharing the stage with names such as Medications, Sleeping People, Black Heart Procession, Unsane, Melt banana, Sleeppers, Arab on radar, Double Nelson, Cheval de frise, Young Gods, Shipping News
Doppler have recently recorded their second album "Songs to defy", at the Black Box studio with Peter Deimel. It will be out on september 18th, on SKrecords and the band will be on the road in France and in Europe, from october 2008.
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