Perfect Norm

Cincinnati, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Jam Band / Funk / Experimental
Perfect Norm is a four-piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They have a divers repertoire of songs ranging from rock to jazz. Their authentic sound embraces high energy jams with an old school rock n' roll touch. Perfect Norm's fun stage presence obtains attention with a professional pace and attitude.

Perfect Norm was formed in 2006 by Vinnie Vicario and Craig Sacco. In 2007, Michael Martin joined up on keyboards and vocals. Later in 2007, Kevin Vicario joined the band on drums and vocals. While living in Athens Ohio, Kevin Vicario began collaborating with his good friend singer/guitar player Kyle Martin. These relationships sparked Perfect Norm's first album "Breakfast Sampler" in 2008. Kyle Martin has had a strong influence on Perfect Norm as a group and is currently playing in a fantastic band called, “Duke Jr. and the Smokey Boots.”

After generating a loyal fan base in the greater Cincinnati area and embarking on some well-received tours of the east coast, Perfect Norm is ready to broaden their horizons. Sadly, Michael Martin had to resign form his position of chairman of keyboards in order to finish his masters in engineering at the University of Cincinnati. There' are only so many hours in a day! Good luck Marty, we wish you the best and thoroughly enjoy it when you run our lights. Thankfully, our old friend Pete Wanamaker joined up in March of 2010 to fill the gap. Pete has become an outstanding member of Perfect Norm. Because of his contributions in mainly soul funk bands such as Brother Wanamaker; Perfect Norm gives Peter the ability to play more of his original material but still get down on some instrumental funk!
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