Pearlene: Deep Blues Festival II (Summer 2008) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 24, 2008
Pearlenes Reuben Glaser has one of those delicious, maple-coated voices that recalls the golden age of classic rock n roll and all that was good about it, with none of the bad.But make no mistake, this aint no hippie stuff: its the new breed of psychedelic garage blues. Dig It. -Denise Sullivan HARP MAGAZINE

Remember the last time a record really took you by surprise? When an album came out of nowhere and bit you on the ass with its awesomeness? I must admit its been a while for me...
Exclaim Magazine


...some of the heaviest—and most convincing—psychedelic blues to hit the American street in years... A slew of good young bands are reinventing psychedelic blues. Put Pearlene at or near the top of the heap. -Michael Coleman YOUR FLESH MAGAZINE
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