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Melodramatic Popular Song / Healing & EasyListening / Japanese Classic Music
Le Grand Magistery & Romantic Air Recording Co.
Well we made our way, we AMTRAKKED from Detroit to Toronto. It was you, me, and him and those two Filipinos. You said they were twins, now how should I know. 'Cause they all look the same to me anyways. I know I should not say such things, I'm sorry. "YOU BIGOT, YOU RACIST!" they started to chase us all around the station. We were busting our buttons, well they can SUCK IT! "We're just having fun with ya!" So we leapt upon the platform pushing past the porter who was pleading with us to "SLOW DOWN! Dear gentlemen, take it easy when you're on my ground!" I followed you through squeezebox passages, the answer is "Yes, I will sit next to you." I could care less what sort of looks we get from the flit in the corner or those two fat creatures who'd think nothing of eating us all up. And look down the row to the man alone with the spray-gun painted shirt that says "REMEMBER MY DAUGHTER, 1998, LaShondra, An Angel's arms around you, All my love forever!" All my love is forever. Well we made our way with a cassette Walkman. Who needs to talk when we got The World Won't Listen and the Ballad of Melody Nelson, and every Bowie tape I found. I brought My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair, [oh] But Now They're Content To Wear Stars On Their Brows because. Every single one around us, "All you simple sodders do what you're told!" Find work, get hitched, have kids, then grow old. All your grey hairs have gotten you nowhere. Come on Craig let's start some shit up, you wanna jump that kid up that bumped into your arm? If I was you the faggot wouldn't get far. And besides that I'm bored to ashes! I wake up from a tiny hand that pries my eyelids open wide, "C'mon Dad can't you get me something now?" Oh yeah, just give me one more moment. I rush out out the door to my job. She calls to say I caused some sort of pain for her again. "Don't y'know it's gonna make me late?" I'm really sorry, you got to know I love you. I saw you on my hour break {In a feature) in a magazine. A somewhat sad read 'cause you're just as I remember. -csmr
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