Simply Falling - Iyeoka (Official Music Video) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 24, 2011
Official Simply Falling Music Video by Iyeoka and produced by Underground Sun music. Her hottest track fresh off her Say Yes album.

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There goes my heart again
All of this time I thought we were pretending
Nothing looks the same when your eyes are open
Now your playing these games to keep my heartbeat spinning
You show me love, you show me love
You show me everything my heart is capable of
You reshape me like butterfly origami

You have broken into my heart
This time i feel the blues have departed
Nothing can keep me away from this feeling
I know i am simply falling for you

I’m taking time to envision where your heart is
And justify why you’re gone for the moment
I tumble sometimes, looking for sunshine
And you know this is right when you look into my eyes
You show me love, you show me love
You show me everything my heart is capable of
And now I can’t break away from this fire that we started

There my heart goes again
In your arms I’m falling deeper
And there’s nothing to break me away from this

Executive Producer: Underground Sun
Producer: David Franz
Directed by Labid Aziz
DP: Eric Liebman
Edited by Salvatore Fullmore
Produced by Underground Sun

©2017 Underground Sun

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