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formed in 2000 by timm chimp, drumm chimp & 'big' nick prior after timm & drumm's band ligament split up. nick was previously in scarfo, and did a tour as ligament's bassist when ray was off working on that reality show 'shipwrecked'.

after one show (at the spitz, london dec 2000), iain h (previously of sawyer) joined on guitar.

this much improved lineup debuted at shepherds bush empire the following march, and were promptly 'signed' to mogwai's rock action label.

we then arsed around for a year or so before finally getting our shit together and recording our first album 'chart pimp' with johnny mogwai at the controls.

we played a load of shows for a year or two, recorded a couple of radio sessions (john peel r.i.p.), got 'signed' to monitor records in the u.s., went over there for a shortish tour (with mogwai, natch.) and in february 2004 parted company with nick the bassist.

joe totale (from kling klang) arrived on bass in time to play his first show at all tomorrows parties in march 2004.

since then, we've toured (a bit) in europe, japan & the uk, recorded another album ('i am come'-in stores now!!!!!), done a couple more radio sessions, played with the fucking MELVINS!, and we've just done a new single called 'new cross'

that'll have to do. i can't be arsed to write anymore.

oh yeah, we've got a great video for the war machine single which is being played on mtv2's 120 minutes (in europe anyway).

okay,that was ages ago.since then, we made another video for 'new cross'.i think it got played the same place as the other one. also we played with mogwai

at the ica in january with the excellent johnny hi-fi killer from the (also) excellent 'notorious hi-fi killers' on bass 'cos joe couldn't be arsed/make it along. we segued from alexander tucker's opening set into ours with a lengthy jam on 'and hell is behind me' from the new cross ep. that also featured dom & like garwood on was ace.

oh yeah, we did that split 10" with hey! colossus, todd & lords. then we did a bunch of shows together!!!! that was ace too!!!!!

we may repeat the experiment at some time in the future

the we buggered off to america for a few weeks to play a load of gigsguess what??? IT WAS FUCKING ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, we're trying to write new songs right now, so don't fucking bug us for a while okay???? (unless you've got something lucrative in mind, yeah??)

i'll write more in another six months


drumm chimp
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