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Hype Records
Parasite City was formed during the spring of 2001 by members Jari and Antti, two musicians with an intense desire to take rock music to the next level. The guys set to work penning lyrics and creating catchy riffs in order to give their new band a voice. Some tracks for their first demo were born from these early writing sessions giving the boys some direction

Englishman Sebastian joined the band in 2001 when he answered an advert Jari and Antti had placed on the internet during their search for a full Parasite City line-up. Bassist Heikki had performed with Antti previously and was invited to jam with new band. It was after this initial jamming session that Parasite City had finally found a fourth member

Finding a drummer seemed to be their biggest challenge and to date Parasite City has seen two drummers come and go, but it was three times a charm when they met Ilari, who officially joined the band in January 2004. Since then Parasite City has enjoyed the luxury of its first stable line-up!

Since forming in 2001 band has performed regularly generating both press and fan interest throughout Europe. Their reputation as an energetic live band has earned them slots for various Finnish festivals and they ve done over 100 shows over the past few years. Their first gigs outside of the Finnish border saw daylight spring 2005 when the Parasites did two shows in Italy followed by two tours in the UK in 2006

After recording few demo tapes and self-financed EP Parasite City recorded Secretly Mine single on December 2005, which was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa, who has produced for bands like HIM, and was mastered at Finnvox studio by Mika Jussila, who has worked with Nightwish, and Children of Bodom to name just two!

That single got the big wheel rolling and in spring 2007 Parasite City signed a record deal with Finnish label Hype Records. Band recorded their debut album "10 Hits To K.O. during fall '07 and it was released in February 08

After releasing the album parasites toured around finland during end of the year 2008 and then from the beginning of 2009 they started to write material for their second album. Recordings took eventually place in H´┐Żmeenlinna Sound Supreme studios under the supervision of producer Janne Saksa. Album entitled "Minstrel's Creed" will be out March 10th!
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