i am no match for greater minds - painted saints - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 26, 2012
Video by Chris Delisle and Christ Dahl for painted saints' i am no match for greater minds. The song is based on a painting by Henry Darger

seven miles split
up the middle sew the seam a little cleaner
than the Vivian girls did
stitches all unfolding and the belly will breathe open bursting
into the fields
the soldiers fell in grass that wasn't even high enough to keep
their shoulders slung below the lines
where bullets fly and paper birds are busy singing miseries

eye were held high
marching in step
canvas grass fields
are wide enough to see

through billows of smoke and powder debris
the other charge was lining up along the river
shining up their buttons and brass,
our drums are busy beating rattlesnakes to keep our lady free and southernly,
bastards of the north elevate their bayonets and
brandish jagged cutlery to set our courage

running like ink
wet on paper
orders came so we
charged into the fray

I am no match
for greater minds

scissors and solitude
child head whiplash
feeble minded they say
these catholic ways of
are lost in silent
sweeping of floors
continents of ink and traced beauty

many lives were lost that day
in service of our seven sisters child headed whiplash
victory depends on
watercolor blood spilled on page after page
dusty windowsills tell a tale that will never see the light of day
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