Kortrijk, West Flanders, BE
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Indie / Other
bernard.polet@golazo.com - info@homehenry.com
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OZARK HENRY is the pseudonym for singer, songwriter, arranger and producer PIET GODDAER. His musical talent got noticed when working for a theatre company. Without having earlier ambitions to make an album, Ozark Henry got signed in 1996 and released his first album the same year:"I'M SEEKING SOMETHING THAT HAS ALREADY FOUND ME".

OZARK HENRY had his breakthrough in his home territory with his double platinum selling albums "BIRTHMARKS" and "THE SAILOR NOT THE SEA".

This year Piet celebrates a decade Ozark Henry with the release of his fifth album "THE SOFT MACHINE".


'I'm seeking something that has already found me' - Ozark henry (1996)

'this last warm solitude' - Ozark henry (1998)

'birthmarks' - Ozark henry (2001)

'the sailor not the sea' - Ozark henry (2004)

'the soft machine' - Ozark henry (2006)

'a decade ozark henry' - Ozark henry (2007)

'grace' - Ozark henry (2008)


'sedes& belli - the soundtrack' - Ozark henry (2002)

'crusade in jeans - the soundtrack' - Ozark henry (2006)

'to walk again - original soundtrack' - Ozark henry (2007)


'easter sunday live at the ancienne belgique' - Ozark henry (2005)


SUNZOO MANLEY - 'To All Our Escapes' (FreeJazz project and second alter ego of Piet Goddaer- composer/producer) (2001)

NOVASTAR - 'Another Lonely Soul' (co-writer, arranger, producer) (2004)

'La donna e mobile' and 'Elektra': originally composed for two fashion shows of couturier Dries Van Noten. (2005)

'Youth As Faun' composed for the 'A CHANGE OF LIGHT' project (2004)

original soundtrack of the docufilm 'To Walk Again'. a docufilm on triathlete Marc Herremans directed by Stijn Coninx (2007)


Ozark henry played the WERCHTER FESTIVAL in 2002, 2003 and 2005, got 15 times nominated for a ZAMU MUSIC AWARD and won 6 (best composer-arranger, best producer, best artist, best dvd)
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