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OVNI have arrived. A street-fighting rock and roll gang, an extended family, dons of the dark side of Barcelonas burgeoning music scene, their stunning new album ATERRIZAJE places their foot firmly through your door, announcing the fulfilment of Maxi and Mati Segovias dream.
The Argentinian brothers left Buenos Aires in 2002, frustrated by the lack of a coherent music scene. They travelled around South America before being invited to share a squat in Barcelona. Arriving in the city in 2003, they quickly set about conquering the local nightlife, becoming semi-legendary for their ability to party until they were the last men standing. Mati joined Carrots to keep his drummers sticks warm. Maxi disappeared into the cellar of the squat, emerging nightly to get more inspiration for the catalogue of songs he was crafting from the incredible characters they met. One of these, Cohete, was the first to hear the songs, and immediately signed up. Esteban Garcia, a fellow refugee from Argentina, quickly followed, and OVNI was born. Their first album, 1984, sounded like they would either love you or mug you. It got great reviews, but the band werent satisfied. They moved into a shared house, lived off what they could find, and rehearsed and partied for hours on end, sometimes both at once.
ATERRIZAJE emerges two years later and is the sound of a band all grown up. Critical acclaim in Spain has been universal.
Barcelona is where its at right now, and Ovni are the band de jour
The sound of a band that have found their feet and taken an incredible step forward.
Its all about the songs. And Ovni have the songs.
Ruta 66
Maxi puts it best: This is all we ever wanted to do. Ovni isnt just a band, its our lives.
OVNI is:
Maxi Segovia Vocals and lyrics
Esteban García Guitar Keyboard, guitars, vocals
Cohete Bass
Mati Segovia Drums
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