Craig Reynolds Drums - Jazz Fusion - It's Our World - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 16, 2012
I'm really fond of Jazz and Fusion music, particularly Weather Report and Dave Weckl Band. So this track is heavily inspired by those bands. and also by Dave Weckl himself, and of course Benny Greb.

It's been a while since I learnt and wrote drum grooves simply from a guitar and sax chart. It was really fun picking out which hits to catch and what fills to use to set em up.

The drum performance is completely written by me and the backing track is from Turn it Up Lay it Down Vol 8. 'Burning with Bernie'. The audio is one take, mixed but COMPLETELY UNEDITED. I'm not into miming.

SM57s for all shells, a Beta 91 in the kick and Rode NT5s for overheads. Minimal post tracking mixing, bit of EQ, Compression, and TONS of reverb.

Cymbals are all Meinl and set up from R to L:
14" Byzance Extra Dry Hi-Hats
18" Byzance Extra Dry Crash
8" Soundcaster Custom Splash
10" Byzance Dry Splash
Stack comprising of 10" Byzance Dry Splash over 14" Gen-X China
18" MB20 Medium Crash
20" Byzance Raw Bell Ride
18" Soundcaster Custom China

Not sure whats gone on with the rendering, but I'm not sitting here for 4 hours again while it has another go. Peace!
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