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orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA

Pæan No. 1 - The Paradise Syndrome .I have found paradise. Surely no man has ever attained such happiness. Here, there is much time for everything. Each time your arms hold me is as joyous as the first. Each kiss is as the first.-

- has been released through Faith Strange in a second edition. This is a professionally printed and duplicated high quality cdr and comes in an extra heavy (130lb.) 6 page card cover with archival rice paper inner sleeve to last forever.

The first edition was included as the third disc in the first fifty copies of orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA - To The Last Man / Index Of Dreaming.

Taken together as a trio with To The Last Man / Index Of Dreaming, they provide a partial glimpse back, amongst other things, to the glory days of Bowie & Eno in Berlin and Cluster and Conny Plank thrown in for good measure with an arcane eye onwards and upwards toward Penderecki & Pärt.

$11.00 - U.S.A. & Canada (includes shipping):

$12.00 - Rest of World (includes shipping):

This recording can be ordered through Faith Strange.

orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA - To The Last Man / Index Of Dreaming

Faith Strange Recordings has just issued it's first double cd as of January 6, 2009. This is a new electronic excursion filling two full cds of recordings from orchestramaxfieldparrish and issued under the project name of orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA. A beautifully detailed and rich sonic palette exploring the fleeting aspects of memory and dreams. These companion recordings manage to strike an artistic balance between adventurousness and a neo-classical sensibilty, combined with a keen perception of aural sculpture. In a genre that brims with derivations, To The Last Man / Index Of Dreaming is something way ahead of the curve.Issued in a limited edition 2xCD package in a Japanese style double mini lp gatefold sleeve. Two hours of wide open vistas and introspective private rooms."An epic release" - WHITE_LINEMore information and soundbites can be found here


U.S.A. & Canada $17.00 post paid:

Rest Of World $20.00 post paid:

All 3 orchestramaxfieldparrish presents ÆRA discs can be specially ordered as a combined Trilogy at a reduced price only through Faith Strange

"One of the Top 10 Albums Of 2008"

".put simply, a beautiful recording" - textura

"One of the best of 2008" - Musique Machine

U.S.A. & Canada - $13.00 post paid:

Rest of World - $15.00 post paid:

Kubla Khan

textura's premiere label release Kubla Khan is now available from textura - the number one authority on new experimental music on the web.

Kubla Khan is comprised of interpretive musical responses to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan, or a Vision in a Dream. A Fragment', written in 1797 and first published in 1816.

Featuring original music from orchestramaxfieldparrish titled "Waning Moon Over Sunless Sea' an extended 19 minute improvisation on pedal steel guitar, there are also beautiful, powerful and sublime works from Ryan Francesconi and Lili De La Mora, Alexander Turnquist as well as The Retail Sectors.

All compositions are exclusive to this release. There are only 500 units printed and undoubtedly will go fast.

Exclusively available through textura

orchestramaxfieldparrish - Tears

"One of the Top 10 Albums Of 2002" (Mike Ezzo - Expose Magazine)

"A rare oasis in what is increasingly becoming a barren world of sound." (Charles Van de Kree - Aural Innovations)

U.S.A. & Canada - $12.00 post paid:

Rest of world - $14.00 post paid:
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