New Jersey, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk
Stillborn Records and RPP in Europe
The original line-up of One4One was formed on February 13, 1994. Six days later, the band played their first show at Studio 1 in Newark NJ with Bulldoze, V.O.D., Backlash, NJ Bloodline, Wrench, Pushed Too Far and the Retardz. After numerous shows in the tri-state area, One4One recorded the Beyond Hate demo in the summer of 1994. In feb. 1995, they recorded the "I Won't Lose" 7 inch. It was released on RPP in Europe and Stillborn Records in the US. The original lineup ended on June 25, 1995. During that time period, One4One had several 2nd guitarists including J-Sin from Warzone and Chris from Agents of Man/Bulldoze. Rey later went on to form Agents of Man, Mike went on to play for 25 ta Life and Lordz of Brooklyn. Dan went on to sing for Flashlight Arcade. and Seth went on to play for 25 ta Life, Conspiracy, Homicidal, Hell Brigade

plus a bunch of experimental solo projects.

The original lineup reunited again in 2005 for the first time in a decade for a few shows in the tri-state area. Zack (Bulldoze/Agents of Man) has recently joined the band and they are working on new material and will start playing shows again in the summer of 2007
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