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There are few better tests of the capacity and resourcefulness of an individual than the manner in which he or she meets a sudden request to prepare for an emergency operation in a private house. All unnecessary furniture is removed from the room. A fire is laid, the floor scrubbed. Everything remaining in the room, which will not be spoiled by the treatment, is dusted with a damp cloth. The fire is lighted and the window opened wide, on the following day the room will be ready for the patient. The surgeon often finds that he is expected to be content with perhaps one oil lamp and a couple of candles for an abdominal operation, which is absurd. The surgeon will bring his own headlight. If the patient is to be operated on in the Trendelenburg position, both the surgeon and his assistant will require a stool to stand upon. Something adaptable for this purpose must be discovered in the house. The matter is important. Economic necessities now prevent the use of alcohol as a disinfectant of the skin. The anaesthetist will be compelled to stand up in order to watch the patient's face. The operation table will stand in front of the window: the patient's feet will be towards the window and his head towards the centre of the room. MORE SUGGESTIVE FACTS There are no facts here - all facts are held in repository at On occasion pertinent suggestives may be revealed in this location.

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