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Nabat was formed back in 1979 in the city of Bologna with the following line -up: Steno on vocals (was already on bass in the band of RAF PUNK), Stiv on guitar, Giulio on bass and Davide on drums.

The same year Nabat played their first gig in the anarchist centre "C.Bernieri".

They appeared on stage at the same time as a few other punk groups of Bologna like R.A.F. Punk, Stalag 17, Bacteria, Anna Falks, Irha, EHX and many others.

The first steady line up showed Steno on vocals, Abbondante on bass, Ui Ui on drums and Stiv on guitar (later on he went to play some gigs with the sad Skrewdriver xenophobic line up that everybody knows) . Just with that line up they recorded together with Rip Off (an OI band of Bologna ) a demotape in 1981. After the recording session had been over, Abbondante left the crew to be replaced by Riccardo.

In June of 1982 Nabat released their first and unforgettable single "Scenderemo nelle strade" (We'll go out into the streets"), with 5 great Oi songs. It was one of the first independently produced punk EPs in Italy. In very short time Nabat became one of the most beloved italian Oi bands.

1983 was then the year their second EP "Laida Bologna" ("Ugly Bologna") was recorded and released.

The same time showed Nabat as the protagonists ( if not the promoters ) of the first and second national rallies of Monza and Bologna which got very good recensements by the independent italian music press.

These rallies ( where Punk and Skinhead bands played at ) aim was the overcoming of the dividing differences of both movements: SKIN E PUNK SARANNO UNITI GLI OBBIETTIVI SONO COMUNI QUESTI FOTTUTI PERBENISTI " was what Nabat was singing about and one cannot but agree.

But forget about the third and last one of these rallies, the Certaldo one in May 1983 which ended up after a number of incidents and provocations of fascist type done by RIPP-OFF and a part of the audience .

About this time they also founded the record label "C.A.S. Records" the one that produced and released all their records plus the compilations "Skin + punk= TNT" with Nabat, Dioxina, Armm and Rappresaglia and later the LP "Quelli che urlano ancora" with some legendary Italian bands like Fun, Klaxon,SS20, Cani.

These compilations were a part of a project intended to give the punk skin movement a new image different from the one that was spreading in England and in many parts of Europe. During this effort they met so many big problems such as fascist and racist provocations.

The pearl of their discography is the LP "Un altro giorno di gloria - Another glorious day" (1985), dedicated to Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Moloise, the poet of Soweto, killed by the racist government of South Africa and to Martò of Judas " ( 1960s Bolognese band ). A great album of 10 pieces not only out of Oi. The LP was recorded with a new guitarist, Red (ex Dioxina).

After this work, in 1987, they all decided to call it a day , even though the band's fame was spreading all over the world: a bootleg of Nabat was released during this times in the U.S.!!!).

In 1994 the CD "Steno and the Stab - Live alla Morara" was released on Twins Records. This CD is a live recording of a concert held in Bologna by Steno plus the Stab (punk band with two ex Nabat members ) in January 1992. This record, with a few songs among the best of Nabat, gives a good idea about Nabat's live impact. The band decided to rejoin in 1995, after the death of Tiziano Ansaldi in the summer of 1994, their manager before disbanding.

They got organised along with Klasse Kriminale and Ghetto 84 to the "Tiziano Ansaldi Benefit Tour" in order to collect money for Tiziano's mother.

During the tour, Nabat played at Livello 57 in Bologna and in Milan at "Leoncavallo" in front of 2500 people !

The last release ,"Nati Per Niente" (Born For Nothing), was recorded at the end of 1995 and released in February 1996 by " Banda Bonnot Records " (an independent Rome based label ). It contains 12 trax plus one bonus and gives the true vision of the Nabat of the 90's. The CD was dedicated to Tiziano Ansaldi and Iqbal Masih, Pakistani boy, murdered by brigadiers in the textile works where he was working as a slave since being four years old. He was murdered because he rebelled against exploiting children similar to him."

The album was recorded with the new line up composed by Steno (vocalist), Riccardo (guitarist) Romano (2nd guitarist), Abbondante (bass) and Toppi (drummer).

In 1997 Riccardo Pedrini (Nabat's guitarist) has published the book "Skinhead - lo stile della strada" for Castelvecchi Editions.

A very fine book, showing the Skinhead movements history from the beginning until today, including a particular reference to the Italian side of the Skins: a many detailed bibliography, discography, Skinhead-website-index and fanzine.

In september 1998 the German label "Potere record" released the bootleg "Campane a Stormo" a great sampler featuring the first Nabat demotape, two live songs plus some Nabat hits.

Nabat are definitivly split up on October 98, just before a gig in Vicenza.


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