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Hydra Head
"Justin Broadrick's ongoing quest to spend the metal-cred capital he earned in Napalm Death and Godflesh like so much blood money has been both compelling and damaging to purists' psyches. The noisy yet stubbornly melodic shoegaze anthems he creates as Jesu mercilessly drag his audience to an appreciation of a densely layered, deliberately emotional sound. For a good time, fire up some message boards and watch partisans tie themselves in knots over Conqueror's decidedly pop bent and feather-light vocals. Broadrick floats all over the place, but even the outraged can't help but worship the heft that keeps his whole production aloft."

Pitchfork Media

""Losing Streak" and the title track are more or less arena alt-rock at a snail's pace, almost cuddly and triumphant enough to be a Foo Fighters single, or maybe Probot if Dave Grohl had drafted Kevin Shields instead of Lemmy. (Plus, I swear, a hint of slow-motion southern rock grandeur in "Losing Streak"'s mid-song solo.) "Deflated" is one of those oxymorons Jesu do so well-- the angelic dirge-- with bass skirting doom metal while the guitar auditions for some early-1990s Creation Records A&R dude. "Morning Light" really is doom, the only out-and-out metal tune here, skewed only by Broadrick's multi-tracked sad-dude vox. Add it all up and (more or less) you've got Jesu." 'Opiate Sun' on Caldo Verde.

Pitchfork Media

"Broadrick's new statement is a sophisticated step forward and shows a tremendous progression for this already legendary metal pioneer."

Pop Matters

"Tracks are glacier-paced monuments to allowing chords to crash against one another, making for enlightening moments of dissonance. In many cases, its as if Broadrick is in shoegaze-mode, letting things play out simply to see how they interact with one another."

"Basically, Silver is Jesu gone pop, albeit through Broadrick's signature sonics. Thus, his huge guitars and heavy drums are intact. But his singing is even more melodic, keyboards are prominent in the mix, and for the first time ever, Broadrick's songs revolve around chord progressions, not static riffage."


"A couple of years back, after passing through the world of electronica, he settled on Jesu, his shoegaze-metal collaboration with ex-Swans skinsman Ted Parsons, and managed to top even himself. With somber requiems built from two guitar tones at a time, their self-titled album transcended mere melancholia to reach a far loftier despair."

"If Godflesh was a deliberation on Industrial Society and Its Future, Jesu is the aural equivalent of Siddhartha. Call it a moment of clarity or spiritual awakening if you wanna get really, really pretentious a nearly total reversal of (in this case, musical) attitude that nonetheless retains all the essential elements of Broadricks personality. "


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