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'Capades' is available digitally from iTunes.

Obi Best - "Capades"

Available in stores Feb 24th, 2009. (Go visit you local record store and ask them to carry it!) Or get it directly HERE.


Video Directed by Manny Marquez

LA Weekly - "Alex Lilly may sing backup for celebrated jazz-pop duo The Bird & The Bee, but her band Obi Best is hardly a side project - in fact, it's about as original as they come."

LAist - "Capades is a beauteous amalgam of conscientious tunes that make you think as much as they make you bop."

Blackbook - “The Miranda July of postmodern quirk-pop.” - "With melody lines that hardly sit still, lyrics rich in wordplay and a sprinkling of sound effects you might hear in a rural backyard, Lilly’s compositions manage to come off at once winsome and wily, and if you don’t pay attention to the affectations in her airy vocals, you might mistake an open heart for a bleeding one."

Prefix - "The album is clever without resorting to irony, smart without a hint of pretension, and swooningly pretty in the least obvious of ways."

Nylon Magazine - "Shape-shifting swirl of jazzy piano tinckles, noisy guitar squall, airy vocals and space-age synth squiggles…"

SPIN - ".Under a sprightly, whimsical layer-cake of pianos, synths, and budget drum-machine skitters (provided by a slew of like-minded pals), Lilly's work takes on a circus-esque, twirling quality with its animated, bubbly instrumentation and varied lyrical topics, from lovers to gardens, and beyond."
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