Oakley Hall

Brooklyn, US
Artist / Band / Musician
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"I’ll Follow You represents a confident stride forward for Oakley Hall, and it’s surely one of the best records to come out of NYC this year. The band has never fit easily with any genre name tossed at it—alt country, roots rock—but this is the first album to really prove it. Singer Pat Sullivan and Fred Wallace trade guitar leads that blaze across the lean songs like forks of lightning. Sullivan and Rachel Cox harmonize more beautifully than ever before, but their solo turns are even more stunning." MIKE WOLF - TIME OUT NEW YORK 10.11.07

"Brooklyn sextet Oakley Hall's I'll Follow You is a bone-deep and breathtaking psych-country epic. Twin leads Patrick Sullivan (late of the outstanding Brooklyn avant-pop outfit Oneida) and Rachel Cox (currently of the booming, mesmerizing voice) bellow beautifully, as though struggling to make their lilting lullabies heard through gale-force winds that could be blowing anywhere—the band's rustic but raucous sound, bewitching on record and pulverizing live, doesn't desperately try to sound Southern, or Appalachian, or North Platte, Nebraskan, and thus effortlessly evokes all three. It doesn't particularly signify "New York," either, but its confidence, its strength and finesse, does." ROB HARVILLA - VILLAGE VOICE 9.18.07

"What if the entire history of alt-country and neo-roots rock disappeared, leaving just one amazing band?" ANDREW EARLES - VICE 9.07

"Americana they are not. The Hall is onto a whole new thing, and that thing is pure American rock music. Fuck Yes!" BRIAN BARR - SEATTLE WEEKLY 5.01.07

"Imagine the Band if they were twenty-first-century New York kids." DAVID FRICKE - ROLLING STONE 12.28.06
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