nurses medication study song - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 17, 2011
drug groups song for nursing students. A low tech recording using a playstation mic, garageband and a you tube backing track, but you get the idea!Groups of drugs, you have to know, know!
(to the tune of Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go!)

** drug prefixes or suffixes written in quotation marks are sung as a word, and when written as letters separated by hyphens, each letter is sung (ie -- it is spelled out!) **

Non steroidal anti inflammatory's
They start with "indo"or end with "fen" if you please
And your Benzodiazapines
End in "pam" "pam" "pam"
And make you calm again

But cox 2 inhibitors have a "cox"
And drugs with O-L-O-L
Make your Beta's block,
Antiarrythmics are "ide" or "mide"
& thiazide diuretics end in "iazide"!

when you're a nurse, you have to know know
groups of drugs - and how they work, so
learn this song, to help your brain grow
& you'll never ever be a do-do!

Antibiotics you learn if you willin'
Start with "ceph" or end in "mycin " or "cillin"!
Antipsychs will end in a "zine"
Trycyclic anti-depressants often end in a "line"

Inhaled anesthetics end in a L"ane"
Local anaesthetics will end your P"ain"
Coricosteroids end in O-N-E
Thrombolyics end in A-S E!


Ace inhibitors end in "pril" you see
Proton pump inhibitors end in A-Z-O-L-E
Calcium channel blockers will end in "prine"
H2 receptor antagonists always end in "ine"

All the nitrates end in "ate"
And antivirals will "ovir" rate
Antianginals with "nitro" start
Because they'll help out with your heart!
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