Nuclear Death Terror

Copenhagen, DK
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore / Metal

Brutal distorted DIY crust-punk from Copenhagen, Denmark.Ex-URO, started 2003, added members with a solid line-up formed around late Summer 2004.

8-track demo cassette out on Copenhagen raw punk label Plague Bearer June 2005.

German Tour: March/April 2005.

Northern European Tour (Germany/Belgium/Holland): June/July 2005.

UK Tour: October/November 2005.

Scandinavian Tour (Sweden/Norway/Denmark): May/June 2006.

Eastern European tour (Germany/Czech Republic/Poland/Belarus): Dec 2007/Jan 2008.

Mexico Tour: Dec 2008/Jan 2009.

Self-titled 12" LP released January 2007 on Plague Bearer Records, recorded Feb '06 at Bomb Shelter 13, Malmo, Sweden. Front-cover & poster artwork by Mid (Deviated Instinct, Disfear, Extreme Noise Terror, Hellshock, Napalm Death, etc). Two pressings of 1000 copies, now sold out. Also released on digipack CD by Trujaca Fala and Fight For Your Mind Records, on cassette in Europe and S.E. Asia by Black Seeds Records.Semi-official 4-track bootleg "Demo 2005" 7-inch released on D-Takt & Råpunk Records.January 2008, recording completed at Studio Bengt, Sweden, for the Ceaseless Desolation 7-inch EP and Total Annihilation 7-inch EP out now on Plague Bearer Records. Order here.December 2010 to February 2011 will see us tour Australia and Japan.Future: SE Asia / Southern Europe / second LP / nuclear annihilation.

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