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Techno / House / Electronica
resopal,safari electronique,plasteline,ware,balkon
Novox Biography

Novox, the Athens based project is formed by Lostra & Thodoris Triantafillou in 2003. Both of them have been djing for many years, the last eight of which also find them involved in music production. They joined their forces for novox, a project that combines their different musical influences. Lostra & Thodoris are two creative counter poles, one likes it strictly minimal, the other more playful. The sound of novox varies from Dubby/funky House & Techno, to more Electro based freestyle shapes. Digital Acid Funk, as an editor once wrote in a review. Their Vinyldebut on Ware Records (Cologne, Germany) had great reviews and was sold out in only 2 weeks. Live appearances at Bios Basement (Athens) and the Synch Festival 05 (Lavrio, Gr) were a big success, giving an idea of what is coming up next. The Swedish company Re:Live included them in their artist roster for their Liveset, which is now broadcasted on mobile phones worldwide with 3G technology. Their Second ep on Ware rec. was released in Nov. 05 and was in many playlists around the world, including that of Kompakts Michael Mayer. The next field of musical exploration is for them a project called novox cinematic experiments. Ambient sounds and cinematic atmospheres combined with a lot of live improvisation on stage. Besides Ware records in Cologne, 2 additional record labels will release material from novox. Balkon musik (based near Frankfurt) and Voltage Musique (based in Rostock) include novox in their artist roster. Forthcoming releases are on the way.


RELEASESsafari electronique 021 - NOVOX - hidden rooms ep (incl. Luca Bacchetti remix)plasteline 006 - NOVOX - one stand night epresopal 041 - NOVOX - marbles epbalkon 07 - NOVOX - boobleg ep (incl. Dario Zenker/Popnebo rmxs)ware 63 - NOVOX - coufault (incl. Alex Smoke remix)voltage 09 - V.A. - city by the sea:Athens comp. (incl. tracks by NOVOX,SCORPIO,M.SCHAFFHAUSER)ware 58 - NOVOX - don't forget to.ware 50 - NOVOX - sweat and smokeREMIXESquantized music 003 - PRESSLABOYS - chefavaresopal red 013 - AGNES - drowningntrop 010 - JOALZ - very upstairs from yousonic playground - THE FUZZY NERDS - project no.9plasteline 02 - PATRICK PELZNER - all too dryEMI / the pins collection - CLOSER - singlesrhythmetic 04 - ADAPTOR - meteorbalkon 01 - MUD MAX - dogbiteTRACKS APPEAR ON:ntrop - electronic athens comp.2 - rotoremi - the pins collection - burn your shoes

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