WILMINGTON, North Carolina, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Punk / Gothic

That should say it all.The Standard As-If-You-Give-A-Shit Bio: Pulling All Nations to Satan formed in 2005 with the goal of doing just that, the idea being that the world is going to hell and somebody has to lead the way. After several bottles of Jack Daniels, founding members, Zackie Zero and Jimmy Phantom decided this was their calling and were subsequently fired from their day jobs the next morning. P.A.N.T.S. (as it is often abbreviated) play loud, abrasive music that makes children, old people, and anybody with delicate sensibilities spray bloody feces out of their assholes. Heavily influenced by alcohol and horror movies, the band has been constantly evolving (and hung over) since their debut into the Wilmington music scene in the winter of 06’. P.A.N.T.S. quickly built up a strong reputation for killer live performances earning shows opening for such bands as Wednesday 13, The Misfits, The Horrorpops, Agent Orange, The Independents, Murphy's Law, Veins of Jenna, ASG, and Thunderlip. Currently the band is taking a break with the hopes of returning someday with an even greater arsenal of face melting punk,but Pulling All Nations to Satan remain steadfast in their quest to preserve, and occasionally have sex with, the undead corpse of true punk rock for years to come.

"From all of us, thank you so much. We continue to raise a warm PBR to all of the local musicians and fans that have supported us since the beginning, with a special thanks to past drummers including Dr. Rob Condie, Tim Reaper, Charlie aka Chuck, and most recently Jay Nutstaspare who is currently joining forces with our friends and fellow Wilmington rockers, The Hottness, to drum on their 08' tour. Stay Classy you guys! And again, much love to everybody who came and rocked out with us these past two years, it was a fucking blast the whole way through, and don't worry this isn't the last you've heard of P.A.N.T.S. just remember we're a couple of fucking zombies andwe won't stay dead!"

Thanks for visiting and checking out our music, all of which was recorded live at our shows, the way punk is meant to be heard.

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