Rock This Way: Ultimate Aerosmith Rock N' Roll & Blues Experience - Video
PUBLISHED:  Nov 06, 2013
I've always been fascinated by Aerosmith's music, so much as I've always been kind of upset when I see that practically nobody really knows who the fuck they are, compared to all the people who have listened to their most popular and commercial songs. Some time ago, I searched for "Aerosmith Blues songs", just for curiosity, I wanted to see what the people knew about them, and, as I expected, they were like: "'It's impossible, Aerosmith doesn't do any Blues' or, 'Yeah, I think there's an album out there called 'Honkin On Bobo'" But that was practically all I got.

As I hope you'll notice here, (it doesn't matter if some few songs are not in the Rock N' Roll or Blues mood, because they're still rockin' anyway) all the pick up I made has been selected to show you, that the band know what Rock N' Roll-Blues-Based music is, and they do a great job with it, either are just covers, or some original songs.

Unfortunately, it seems like they have been really controlled by the corporations and stupid media, because they've done a lot of pop and commercial crap, you can notice that in albums like Just Push Play, or in their last album (which, to date, is MFAD), that although it isn't bad, the best song by far in the normal version, is actually a remake of an old song called "GUILTY KILT" (you should check it), and in the deluxe version we have two good songs from Perry and Hamilton. But that's it.

So, as I already said, with this "video" I'm trying to show the people that besides from all their very well known stuff, Aerosmith can actually be a really great Rock And Roll-Blues band.

Oh and, yeah, the audio is kind of divided, I mean, in the "style", because first we have original Rock by them, then, in the middle, the Rock And Roll (and covers) starts, and, at the end, we have the Blues covers.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my track selection. And, if someone dares to ask something like, "Where the hell are the good songs in here, like, 'I don't want to miss a thing'", or any other shitty ballad, please, instead of kill yourselves, you should begin to understand what real music is.

Btw, if you're looking for something more heavy from Aerosmith, I strongly recomend to you to get "Nine Lives", it's a really great album.

If you are a fan too, please, share it with your friends.

Greetings from Xalapa, México. And, never forget to keep Rockin'.

Track List:

Intro from another dimension: 00:00
Intro from get a grip: 00:57

01 - Dulcimer Stomp - 01:21
02 - Hangman Jury - 2:11
03 - Don't Get Mad, Get Even - 7:43
04 - Cheese Cake - 12:32
05 - She's On Fire - 16:48
06 - Vigilante Man (From Joe Fuckin' Perry's solo project) - 20:34
07 - Gypsy Boots - 24:06
08 - Talk Talkin' (Joe) - 28:21
09 - Jig Is Up - 31:55
10 - Up On A Mountain (Tom ¿Fuckin'? Hamilton's Song) - 35:05
11 - Walk On Down - 40:11
12 - You Gotta Move - 43:49
13 - Get The Lead Out - 49:21
14 - St. John - 53:03
15 - Come Together - 57:12
16 - Same Old Song And Dance - 01:00:57
17 - No Surprize - 01:04:56
18 - I'm Down - 01:09:22

*19 - Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked in Tonite) (Joe) - 01:11:41 - I've seen that some people hate this song. Why? It's a really catchy one, and in case you were wondering, the audio quality is ok, the song was meant to sound just like in the old times, in fact, that's the reason why I love it.

20 - Road Runner - 01:15:52
21 - Shame, Shame, Shame - 1:19:39
22 - Eyesight To The Blind - 01:21:56
23 - Temperature - 01:25:08
24 - Stop Messin' Around - 01:28:01
25 - Back Back Train - 01:32:35
26 - The Grind - 01:37:00
27 - Reefer Head Woman - 01:40:48

The Big Ten Inch Record:
28 - Studio Version - 01:44:51
29 - Rockin' The Joint - 01:47:10
30 - Unplugged - 01:50:43

31 - Rattlesnake Shake - 01:54:53
32 - Monkey On My Back - 02:03:17
33 - Love Me Two Times - 02:07:52
34 - One Way Street - 2:11:11
35 - Smokestack Lightning - 02:16:44
36 - Walkin' The Dog - 02:19:01

*37 - Jesus Is On The Main Line - 02:22:55

38 - Boogie Man - 02:25:13

A message from Aerosmith: 02:28:02
Outro from another dimension: 02:28:27


You want a few more songs? Here you go:

Bacon Biscuit Blues
Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
South Station Blues (Joe)
Mannish Boy -I'm a Man- (Live Warsaw '94) (Yup, Joe is singing)
Take It Easy
Girl Keeps Coming Apart
Can't Stop Messin'
Bright Light Fright
Movin' Out (I recommend the Pandora's Box or the 2007 version)
Make It
Get It Up
On The Road Again

Steven's "Chain Reaction" band:
When I Needed You (This particular one, was so good that later in 1991, Aerosmith decided to put it into the Pandora's Box collection)
The Sun
Everlovin' Man
You Should Have been Here Yesterday

Sight For Sore Eyes
Write Me A Letter
Sharpshooter (Brad)
I Wanna Know Why
I Live in Connecticut
Three Mile Smile
Downtown Charlie
Walking On Danger Street
Milk Cow Blues
Let It Slide
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