The Nix, Arizona, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap / Indie
Geist Audio
Now on a mission to make himself an established solo artist (thou he vows that regardless what anyone says he remains an Invisible Soldier forever.)Nonsense mainly produced by Eddie S., is on a path to prove that Gangsta nigga's are not only gangbangers reppin blue and red rags, they also come in the form of prophets who's focus is to give man the prospective likely considered by many as unimportant.Hence the reason his now officially known as Poppycock tha Oximoronic MC. Raised in the streets of Maryvale(aka Murdervale, an extremely ruff neighborhood in the middle of the Nix(Phoenix) were even the Police force itself dreads patrolling on any day of the year, do to the high police body count that has accumulated over the year's.) and witnessing years of riots and gang related violence, sworn to push the envelope when it comes to being none as a creative artist that follows his own lead in a culture of thoughtless followers. Which is why he sticks to the phrase:

N-O-N's Got It Locked!
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