Nina Hynes and The Husbands

Berlin, DE
Artist / Band / Musician

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I released my first record in 1999. It is called Creation. My second record and full album was in 2002, it is called Staros. My third album was in 2007, it is called Really Really Do. This one I made with some faithful friends and my then super band called The Husbands. The Husbands, are Ivan and Peter and still play with the band in my heart. The last two albums were Co-Produced with David Odlum. Creation in 1999 was Co-Produced with Joe Chester who played pretty far-out guitar in my band at the time.

There have been also some EPS, singles and songs in films. I travelled a good bit around the place playing concerts and meeting some great people. I am soon to record my new album. All of the songs are written and it already has a name. In between making records and touring since 1999, I went to college and studied sound engineering. I learned a lot of stuff that I previously had been afraid to learn. Then I made a baby girl called Caia Rose Lili Leseure with a whizz kid superman called Fabien Leseure. We are co-producing the new record together. I collaborate a lot with other artists. A current on-going project is Sending Letters to the Sea. We just released our first album(see in my Top Friends). We will go to Pittsburgh in the US in July to make another project and collaborate with artists from there at an amazing gallery called The Mattress Factory. I spend a lot of time dreaming and making intentions. I have a lot of resolutions for 2010. I wrote things down and burned the paper on New Years Eve watching the fireworks on the balcony. I come from Ireland and Fabien comes from France. We live a very grateful life in Berlin, Germany.
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