Nikki Corvette

California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Powerpop / Punk / Rock
Dollar Record Records
1978 saw the birth of Nikki Corvette's career with the release of the Nikki Corvette and the Convertibles single "Young and Crazy" b/w "Backseat Love" and "Criminal Element". This was all happening in Detroit during the punk rock explosion where Nikki would see herself sharing the stage with The Ramones, Johnny Thunders, The Romantics and many more. Up untill then she had acquired a pretty decent rock and roll education by attending MC5 and Stooges gigs and by being on the road with The New York Dolls.

By 1980 the band name was changed to Nikki and the Corvettes, a band name that would become synonymous with being the template for many female fronted punk groups to come. They would release their legendary debut album on BOMP! Records, an incredible mixture of 60's style girl group vocals, twangy guitars and teenage pop with plenty of punk rock attitude, with songs about cruisin for boys and fun in the sun. The album and band would influence everyone from The Go-go's (to go for more of a "pop" sound) all the way to The Donnas (see the lyric "I wanna be like Nikki Corvette" from Gimmie My Radio), and around the world to Japan with The 5678's. The album has consistently stayed in print and by the early to mid 90's bands began to record and release cover versions of the classic Corvette tunes. The new interest drummed up by the second generation of Corvette fans prompted BOMP! to re-release the album on CD for the first time along with the early singles in 2000.

The success of the cd gave Nikki the chance to return to the stage in 2001 and '02 when she traveled to Mpls, MN to play the Rock Action festival to meet Travis Ramin (producer, songwriter, musican for The Short Fuses, Candygirl, Tina and the Total Babes) and Miss Georgia Peach (singer songwriter and bassist for The Short Fuses and one time guitarist for The Gloo Girls). Together they would play Nikki's biggest show in over 20 years and go on to record a new 45 single Love Me / Whats On My Mind , which recieved rave reviews. Once the world heard that Nikki Corvette was back the demands poured in. With the addition of Johnny O'Halloran (Dogmatics, Magnolias, Tina and the Total Babes) to the group the band soon to be known as Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays would play LA , NY and go on two Japanese tours, where the response could have been referred to as "Nikkimania". After four years of playing together the new band decided that the time was right to record a new album. So now after 25 years Nikki Corvette will release a new album of all original material on Dollar Record Records titled "Back To Detroit", a mixture of classic Nikki and the Corvettes sound and all of the great powerpop and punk rock that preceeded it and that it inspired. From the Chuck Berry/MC5 driven title track "Back To Detroit" to the pure power pop of "I've Got A Heartbreak" , the summertime sound of "just Can't Say" and the '77 NY punk swagger of "So, Kiss Me", Back to Detroit offers just what Nikki's die hard and new fans have been waiting for.high energy rock and roll!

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