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I was born 30.10.1969. in Rijeka where I finished kindergarten, primary and comprehensive school.
I began singing as early as kindergarten and I grew fond of it. Here for the first time I had my performance singing in the childrens theatre. When I came in primary school from childrens theatre, I became part of the school choir. And with that choir I had one of my earliest and more serious performances. Besides singing I started to be involved with rithmic dancing and became a fashion model.
When I entered the Comprehensive School of digos, I continued to sing in the choir and I also started to sing with different rock bands that were popular in Rijeka (e.g., Mea culpa, Zip band, etc.).
Besides that, I also started to be involved in acting in KUD PTT.
I acted there in a few performances and my first big role was performing in ''Istrian Wedding where I acted in the main role of the bride.
Around the end of comprehensive school, I took my first demo album and it was then that I decided that the path of my life would be music and singing.
Nikolina Ivosevic, NIKITA

Throughout my independent career pop, rock, dance and theatre mainly prevailed.
1987. year - I met composer David Podrek from Opatia and for the first time I recorded the
demo song, MRVICA, with him.
- In Gorski Kotor I participated in the competition of amateur singers.
1988. year - On the radio broadcast DEMO X of Bahrija Golubovic with song NE RECI
ZBOGOM (Do Not Say Goodbye), I passed through the precompetition for
Zagreb fest.
-In the Viskovo 88 group of amateur singers in organization of Municipial league for fight against cancer I won the first place.
-In the Municipal leagues fight against cancer competition held in Viskovo, I won first place out of 88 amateur singers.
-In another competition of amateur singers held in Delnice, I won first place again, but I gave up of my prize to benefit ''Drustvo nasa djeca (Community of our Children)''
-I have been a guest with David on radio stations in Karlovac, Velika Gorica, Delnice, etc., with the song NE RECI ZBOGOM (Do Not Say Goodbye). This song has also been on top recording lists.
1989. year - In ZAGREB FEST on ''Vecer mladih nada ('Evening of Young Hopes)'' I
performed as Nikolina Ivosevic-Nicky with the song CUJ ME I OTVORI
OCI (Hear Me and Open Your Eyes) and I won second place from the
audience and performance commission.
-I shot a video spot for two songs for thelocal TV channel of Rijeka TV RI.
1990. year - At the big concert in Kantrida (the stadium in Rijeka) I performed with David
as a duo called N.D. Besides us there were performances by Tutti fruti band,
Boris Krainer, etc.
-I have been a guest on the third channel of HTV (Croatian television) in the broadcast of Hamed and Renata Z3 with the song SAMA (Alone)
-We recorded an entire album, but meanwhile, the duo N.D. disbanded.
1991. year - The songs NE DAMO SE (We Are Not Giving Up), KREPAT NE MOLAT
(Die But Do Not Beg), ZAJEDNO (Together) are compiled in NEMA
PROBLEMA (No Problem), a Rijeka production where for the first time
KAMO GRES (Where Do You Go) a composition of the band Kompanija 3
was distibuted. I have also been a member of that band. On that compilation
the following bands participated: Aid Rijeka mira, Davor Tolja, band Aid RI
val, and band Aid Istre i Kvarnera.
1992. year - ZAJEDNO (Together), ZA MIR (For Peace) and the compilation NEMA
PROBLEMA (No Problems) were the first independent songs distributed on
the vinyl, ZIVJETI CE VJECNO ( It Will Live Forever).
-ZIVJETI CE VJECNO is a patriotic song for which a video spot is recorded.
It has been broadcast extensively on TV stations. I also performed that song numerous times this year for the army.
1993. year - CD SAMO TI (Only You) is my first independent album published by
SUZY in Zagreb.
1994. year - In the MEGA DANCE PARTY compilation, I performed the song OKO ZA
OKO (An Eye for an Eye)
-My cooperation with Mihaljek Vladimir-Miho started.
-CRO POP MELODY 4 LJUBAV I MIR (Love and Peace) where I participated in Pula in big event performed in the Arena with other popular singers of the Croatian estrade.
-DOSER, memorial also big event where other performers from Croatian estrade were in Pula
-I was a guest on BRODOM PO JADRANU (By Ship on the Adriatic Sea) for radio Velika Gorica.
-I sang in the big concert in Dom Sportova, Zagreb DR Albana, with other performers of the Croatian estrade of Mega Dance Party.
1995. year - CD POGLEDAJ ME (Look at Me) -Croatia Records (40:16)
- CRNA KRALJICA (Black Queen) music legend rock opera
(Krajac-Tanodi) Theatre Komedija, Zagreb-Croatia Records
-KAVA U KNINU (Coffee in Knin) Capuccino in Knin-compilation
of patriotic songs-Croatia Records
-MEGA DANCE PARTY 2 ''It Is my Fault '' compilation of Croatia Records
-CRO TOP FEST 3 Papageno published by Lobel
-CRO TOP FEST 4 TELEFON (Telephone) also compilation published by Lobel
-ARENA FEST 95 ''Pogledaj me ('Look at Me)'' -the song for which I won the award for the best interpretation published by Croatia Records
-ZADAR FEST 95 ''U ljubavi je spas ('There is Salvation in Love)'' Croatia Records
-ZAGREB FEST 95 where I performed the song ''Stvoren si za mene ('You Were Made for Me)''
1996. year - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LOVE SONGS ''Pogledaj me ('Look at Me)'' ZG
- SPLIT 96 ''Bomba (Bomb)'' Croatia Records

FROM. 1997. TO 2002. YEAR
1997. year CD NEKA ME SAKRIJU (Let them Hide Me) MTM (Mega Ton Music)
- POP FEST ARENA 97 '' Day by day '' Croatia Records (4:48)
- HRF 97 ''Neka me sakriju (Let Them Hide Me)'' ZG ZOE (3:43)
1999. year - DORA 99 ''Kraljica noci (Queen of the Night)'' Croatia Records (3:00)
2000. year - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR rock opera Theatre Komedija (role of Mary
-HRF 2000 ''Nikad vise ('Never More)'' ZG ZOE (3:58)
-HIT LJETA 2000 (Summer hit 2000) '' Daj, uvjeri me ('Convince Me)'' ZG ZOE (4:19)
-SPLIT 2000 '' Uzmi sve ili nista (Take Everything or Nothing)'' Prima music (3:57)
-JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR rock opera in Theatre Komedija where I was guest
-I participated in the music show, MODERATO CANTABILIS, on a project for Croatian television HTV
2002. year - IL GRANDE MAESTRO VERDI pop and rock stage with the songs
Misteriozno and Sempre libera Croatia Records
2003. year - LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, musicls Theatre Komedija ( role of
Crystal )
-THE MYTH OF LABYRINT, musicls, performed in Dubrovnik
-HAIR, musicls Theatre Komedija ( role of Dionne )

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