Nick Muir

Artist / Band / Musician
Progressive / Electronica / Other
Bedrock, Whoop!, Nu-Republic, Mashtronic
Original Productions:
Nick Muir Feat Craig Walker - Savin' You [Nu Republic]
Nick Muir - Frankenstein [Apache Records]
Nick Muir - I Feel Real [Mashtronic Records]
Nick Muir & Neil Quigley - Feedback From The City (Vocal Mix) [Audio Therapy]
Nick Muir & Neil Quigley - Feedback From The City (Remixes) [Urbantorque]
Nick Muir - G Platz [Audio Therapy]
- as Bedrock (with John Digweed):
Bedrock - For What You Dream Of [Stress Records]
Bedrock - Set In Stone [Stress Records]
Bedrock - Heaven Scent / Life Line [Bedrock Records]
Bedrock - Voices [Bedrock Records]
Bedrock - Beautiful Strange [Bedrock Records]
Bedrock - Emerald [Bedrock Records]
Bedrock - Forge [Bedrock Breaks]
Bedrock - Santiago [Bedrock Records]
- as Cabala:
Cabala - Dark Blue [Whoop! Records]
Cabala Feat Michelle Chivers - Vision Of U [Whoop! Records]
- as Fatliners (with Jon Gray):
Fatliners - Lo Life / Spoiler [Kilowatt Recordings]
Fatliners - Sky [Kilowatt Recordings]
Fatliners - The Shrink [Kilowatt Recordings]
Fatliners - Flying [Kilowatt Recordings]
- as Nemo:
Nemo - Spacemaker [Eve Records]
Nemo - Long Range [Eve Records]

Redanka - Scent Of Love (Nick Muir Mix) [Edel Records]
Revolt - Faster Faster (Nick Muir Mix) [Emotions Recordings]
Archive - Numb (Nick Muir Mix) [Hangman Records]
Tom Mangan - Chutney (Nick Muir Edit) [Bedrock Records]
Cattaneo, Cass & Mangan - Hubbub (Nick Muir Edit) [Perfecto Records]
Land Between Grooves - Electricity (Nick Muir Mix) [Whoop! Records]
Pole Folder - Salvation On Slavery Sins (Nick Muir Mix) [Bedrock Records]
Mashtronic Feat Luke Star - Earthquake (Nick Muir Mix) [Mashtronic Records]
Phatjak - Sushi Funk (Nick Muir Mix) [Nascent]
Inkfish - Pre Screen (Nick Muir Mix) [Rapid Response Recordings]
- as Bedrock / Digweed & Muir (with John Digweed):
Tenth Chapter - Product (Bedrock Dub Mix) [Guerilla Records]
Rome - The Groover (Bedrock Mix) [Deep Distraxion]
Solace - Hold Me Now (Bedrock Mix) [Vivatonal]
Chakra - I Am (Bedrock Mix / Dub) [Jackpot Records]
React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication (Bedrock Mix) [Jackpot Records]
Humate - 3.2 (Bedrock Mix) [Supersition / Platipus]
Heller & Farely - The Rising Sun (Bedrock Mix) [Junior Records]
Danny Tenaglia - Turn Me On (Bedrock Mix) [Twisted Records]
Satoshi Tomiie - Up In Flames (Bedrock Mix) [INCredible]
Nalin & Kane - Live At The Crystal Palace (Bedrock Mix) [Infusion]
Underworld - Cowgirl (Bedrock Mix) [Junior Boys Own]
Way Out West - The Fall (Bedrock Mix / Instrumental) [Way Out West]
New Order - Crystal (Bedrock Mix / Dub) [London Records]
Brancaccio & Aisher - It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Bedrock Mix) [Credence]
The Orb - Once More (Bedrock Mix) [Island Records]
Luzon - The Baguio Track (Bedrock Mix) [Renaissance]
Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments (Bedrock Mix / Dub) [Bedrock Records]
Evolution Feat Jayn Hanna - Walking On Fire (Bedrock Mix / Dub) [Bedrock Records]

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