My Heart Belongs To You | comp/arr. by Nick Frenay - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 12, 2013
Music, Lyrics, and Arrangement by Nick Frenay
Conducted by Josh Shpak | Sung by Emma Davis
Video by Michael Miller
Mixed and Edited by Nick Frenay, Curtis Kelley and Noah Kellman

The following is a video of the recording session of a musical theatre song that Nick Frenay wrote and arranged. The song will ultimately be part of what will hopefully become a full length musical about the life and works of magician/endurance artist David Blaine. This specific song is called "My Heart Belongs to You," and acts as a kind of comic relief in what would be a predominantly serious and dramatic show. The premise is that an obsessed fangirl is in love with David, and expresses her feelings for him through song, but he cannot hear her, for he is trapped in a block of ice. Below are the scene synopsis and the lyrics for the song.

It is 2002 in New York City, and the magician David Blaine is in the midst of one of his first acclaimed endurance stunts, Frozen In Time, in which he was encased in a block of ice for 36 hours. Sub-zero temperatures notwithstanding, David is very very hot at this point. He's had two primetime magic specials and a great amount of media coverage. Lately, he had even been written about in tabloids as part of a group called 'The Pussy Posse,' which consisted of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Macguire, Harmony Korine, and several others, who would drive around Manhattan and frequent upscale nightclubs.
The stunt takes place in Times Square, and onlookers are able to come as close as ten feet from David's icy tomb, watching in amazement as a a man defies the elements and the human body's limitations to do the impossible. The spotlight descends on a young woman, probably in her mid-20s, who has been staring intently at David (or, rather, at the block of ice that houses him) for some time and she turns to address the audience, singing in soliloquy. (NOTE: this is a fictional character, but people like this existed by the thousands and would frequently come and show David support as well as certain body parts to encourage him during his endurance stunts).


i know that i'm only a fangirl
and you've got admirers in spades
you've got to come up with a plan, girl
to shine like a diamond displayed
i may not be seen in clubs, but i've got love

my heart belongs to you
come and get it
I would always be true
you can bet it

in time, you will be mine
just you wait
you could use a hot date (get it? cause youre in ice!)

so please give me a chance
i will show you
every trick of romance
and my rack too

you'll see, we're meant to be
and one day you'll tell me
your heart belongs to me

i've seen all of your shows
most times, without my clothes
and i've heard that you even know
Leo DiCaprio

my heart belongs to you
did you hear me?
i hope i'm getting through
loud and clearly

who cares! here in times square
im prepared to share it
im not blowing hot air
i just need to declare, Davy Baby,
my heart belongs to you
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