Abstraxion White Rain (Feat.Chloe) [Live Recording Video Premiere]

Published: December 05, 2013

Earlier this year, in fact just 3 months ago, the French electronic artist Harold Bou released his first full-length album, Break Of Lights. A 10-track journey through methodic soundscapes and experimental phrases, Bou (better known as Abstraxion) garnered built a reputation with tastemakers through this work. Subtle rises and weightless falls pervade the album, which actually dropped through a co-release between HAKT Recordings and Biologic Records, the label Abstraxion runs with DC Salas.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering the live video recording of the first track of the album, that of "White Rain". To explain more about the release and the video itself, Abstraxion gave us a quick look into his creative genius. Read on for his words and the live recording of "White Rain".

EARMILK: How did you get into this kind of music and develop your passion for it?
Abstraxion: My father was a musician and I grew up surrounded by instruments. When I was around the age of 18 I started to buy my firsts synths and get into electronic music. I've learned a lot on the internet actually, and that brought the possibility of discovering new music. I guess that since I started to release music in 2005 my music changed a lot, and I feel that now with this first album my music is closer to who I am. I mostly compose in my studio with analog synths and compose with my guitar or piano, and sometimes with my voice and it gives this result.
EM: What is the most difficult part of making music for you?
A: Most difficult part is to judge when a track is over, and if it's sounds as good as I want it to be. I'm really selective at the end and only want to release the best ones even if it makes me release less often, that's my way of saying that I deeply respect music and the people that listen to my work.
EM: Is what you recorded during the video exactly what we hear in it? Why the live recording?
A: Yes everything was recorded live during the session. It's actually the first track of our show where we only play songs from my debut album.
EM: What do you hope people take away from your music?
A: I hope that people will get into my first album, and maybe feel the heart and lights.

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