Recommendation of Box Office Movies in 2019

Published: October 15, 2018

Watching a movie is an activity which you can do it at home or even in the cinema. Mostly, people would love to watch the box office movie as it has been acknowledged by a large number of people. A film which is categorized as the box office comes commonly are the ones that people have been waiting for.

What’s The 2019 Box Office?

This year there are so many box office movies come out and most of them have a really good response from the moviegoers. From the beginning of the year, horror and fiction still on the top of the box office movie list. Moreover, people still can’t move on from the death of Tony Stark on Avengers: Endgame last April. This movie has a huge response from the Avengers fans all around the world.

Here Is The List

On the other hand, if you are still missing to watch some box office movies, here are the recommendations of must-watch movies:

  • Aquaman

This is a fiction movie which tells the story about the Aquaman named Arthur. This is basically a romantic movie which is depicted in a beautiful marine life. Arthur is a half human and half from Atlantis who finds himself has a blood of the Atlanteean descent. He would take the throne and make him as an Aquaman. This movie is actually released in January and it successfully earns more than USD 31,000,000.

  • Glass

This is a psychological thriller within the superhero film. This movie tells about Elijah Price which should prove that the people that she saw has superhuman abilities. This movie was released on the end of January and it has successfully earned more than USD 18,000,000.

  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

In February 2019, the box office movie goes to this animated movie which is also available in 3D.

This is the children’s favorite movie. This movie also comes out as the sequel of How to Train Your Dragon which also got the success since the first released. During the time, this movie has earned about more than USD55,000,000. What a fantastic amonut!

  • Captain Marvel

In the beginning of March, the box office movie comes from Marvel comics which has successfully release Captain Marvel. She is the new member of Avengers which will complete the gang of Avengers before the End Game was released in the next month. The new existence of Avenger member apparently has good response from the Avenger lovers from around the world. This is proven by the earn of Captain Marvel during the time which has successfully earn about more than USD 150,000,000. What a great result!

  • Avengers: End Game

This is the final war of Avengers in which many people from around the world have been waiting for. In this movie, all the Avengers are coming together in order to defeat Thanos. There are so many people who really enthusiast to watch this movie. Moreover, there is always a story from around the world about the euphoria of the End Game. However, people should be sad since some figures of the Avengers are off since the death of Tony Stark as the Iron Man. On the other hand, the world is getting back in peace since Thanos is dead in the War and it made the world is in peace again. This movie has really huge or even massive response from the Avengers fans and it has successfully earned more than USD 350,000,000. During 2019, this movie reached the biggest amount of the earn. Such a good job Marvels!

  • Box Office To Be

If you are seeking for a recommendation movie which will be going into the box office movie, you can watch Aladdin. This is currently filming on the cinemas and you can go to the nearest cinema at your town. On the other hand, you can also watch John Wick 3, to see how cool Keanu Reeves on the movie.

Hence, those are the recommendation of the box office movie that you can watch. If you are still missing one of them, just watch the movie. This can be your movie weekend list to spend the time. Those are great movies to watch and you will never get bored to watch it till the end.

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