WATCH: Harbinger’s Stunning Animated Video For Their Towering New Track ‘Guiltless’

Published: January 25, 2022

Ambitious. Beautiful. Crushing.

have added another piece of music to their new chapter and attached a stunning video to it as well. 

The song is called 'Guiltless' and finds the band exploring the more melodic side of their brutally technical sound, dealing out atmospheric breaks, spoken word passages and otherworldly solos, all pointing towards expansive intentions. There's still plenty of time for some savagery as well though, so you're still going to get your breakdown fix.

And much like the track, the video, made in collaboration with artist Shindy Reehal and animator David Provan, is a journey into the unknown.

It's an absolute beauty.

Guitarist Ben Sutherland had this to say:

“Some egotists enjoy the short term pleasure of bringing someone down and feeling powerful as if they are beyond being affected by guilt. This song is a wake-up call that if they don’t change, the guilt will eventually catch up with them and they will end up hollow and alone.”

And bassist Kris Aarre added this:

“‘Guiltless’ is our most ambitious release yet. With all of our new material, we have tried to explore new angles to our musical identity, but with this track, we have really expanded our horizons. The song covers areas of our sound that will feel familiar to some listeners, but we have explored new ideas to allow Dilan’s vocal versatility to shine through. The song features a section in Dilan’s native Portuguese, as well as a soaring chorus to allow him to really let loose.”

Here it is:

And here is their previous release 'Hate File':

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