The Wonder Years Have Released A Stunning New Track ‘Oldest Daughter’

Published: April 21, 2022

It's so lovely to have them back.

The Wonder Years
have shared a new track, and it is the first real taste of what direction they are going to be heading in during this new era.

And it is quite simply stunning. 

The song is called 'Oldest Daughter' and feels like a culmination of so many points of their journey so far, all mixed together into one glorious blast of sentimental and sensational emo rock brilliance. Expansive, spine-tingling, descriptive and brimming with shirt-tugging emotion, it is so so lovely to have them back at it again.

Vocalist Dan Campbell had this to say about it:

"It's about coming to the understanding that you can't save everyone. There are going to be people you love who will destroy themselves no matter how badly you want them to stop."

Here it is:


And here is 'Madelyn', the heartbreaking acoustic number from 2013's 'The Greatest Generation' that the song serves as a sequel to:

The band shared a beautiful festive track at the end of last year called 'Threadbare' which sounds like this:

And to get you all caught up, here is 'Raining In Kyoto', the opener track from the band's last full-length 'Sister Cities':

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