LISTEN: Alexisonfire’s Absolutely Glorious New Track ‘Reverse The Curse’

Published: April 21, 2022

The best band in the form of their lives.

have shared another track from their upcoming album 'Otherness', their first in 13 years, and they are truly functioning on another level completely.

It's called 'Reverse The Curse' and is a beautifully smokey and course punk rager, showing off the band at their most raucous and pit-spinning. Glorious riffs, insatiable solos and some absolutely undeniable melodies from Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil, it really so fucking incredible to hear them being so unstoppable right now. 

George Petit had this to say about it:

"Some riffs stick around for a while until they make sense. ‘Reverse The Curse’ has existed in one form or another since Crisis. There was even a version that we used as the original 'Young Cardinals' but that one wasn’t meant to be. It found its way to creation during our covid rehearsals and I’m glad it’s finally coming to light."

Here it is:

'Otherness' is set for release on June 24 via Dine Alone Records. 

Here is the stunning 'Sweet Dreams Of Otherness':

Rock / Metal / Alternative
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