TikTok vs Douyin vs Instagram Reels vs YouTube Shorts vs Triller: How to go Viral on Short Video

Published: April 28, 2022

TikTok vs Douyin vs Instagram Reels vs YouTube Shorts vs Triller: How to go Viral on Short Video

What is Short Video?

It is the video content that is made and shared on TikTok and similar video platforms like Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts. In China they have Douyin (TikTok’s big sister), Kuaishou, Watermelon and Bilibili.


How To Get Your Music On Short Videos

  1. Go to the App, make the video, add your music and upload yourself.

    1. This is important because by posting your own videos and music, your audience will get to know you and find your music. What if you don’t have any audience? If you build it they will come.

    2. It can be a paid post so other audiences can see your videos and hear your music.


  1. Get your music to the short video platforms’ library with a distribution service so others can use your music on their videos.

    1. This is important because your music is available for others to use. The usage of your music is tracked and royalties get paid back to you. Word of video (word of mouth): More people use your music in their videos, not only do these videos get played over and over again, but they get shared more, which means that more people will listen and use your music in their own videos. Viral baby!

Go Viral

We have now seen this happen with Musicinfo artists. It can be 10’s thousands of streams a day or 10’s of millions streams a day. What do you consider viral? Both of these scenarios tell me that a heck of a lot of people are using your music.

What music is getting picked up? Well, right now our top artist is a breakbeat artist getting around 12 million hits a day. This has been going on for a few weeks now. Generally there tends to be more instrumental music: classical, ambient, cinematic music getting used, but our 2nd viral artist right now is a hip hop artist, so go figure.


The question I often hear from some artists is, “Can you show me a report of the level of royalties paid out.” The short answer is no I can’t, I can’t tell you how much specific artists are getting paid. The ironic thing about this scenario is that most often I see this question come from artists who have a very small following on other music platforms like Spotify.

I am interested in all our artists, and it is not unnatural that my attention would be piqued by artists whose success is more obvious than others. And then when I say, “Sorry I can’t share the reports with you, I can’t tell you how much you will get paid,” they don’t sign up, they don’t distribute their music. 

The amount of payout is growing. Services in China have now been more or less established by way of offering free subscriptions; there are 100s of millions of MAUs. Now these free users are becoming paying users, upping the amount of pay per stream to the creators. Listeners are paying more for your music.

Get To The Point

The point of getting your music on short video is that your music can get visibility and plays like never before, like it never would have if you had left it on the shelf. But then those who bravely have signed up have the potential to get 12 million streams every day! 

Now, do you care how much you are getting paid now? Yes of course you do. But, what is even more important is the visibility and followers that you have now gained, millions of new listeners who now know who you are, who now have heard your music. You have a massive new fanbase that you can build on. 

You need to hop on the bandwagon and ride the wave of your viral music on the short video platforms. Boost your streaming music. Short videos that use viral songs do better. Make videos with your music and share links to your streaming music. 

Top Short Video Platforms 


Does it need an explanation? Well, I guess for any of the other 6.7 billion people in the world not using it. Please take a look at our previous blog: What Artists Need To Know About TikTok And Douyin.


Tiktok’s big sister in China. Visually almost identical, Douyin came out first and is a much more robust platform allowing users more options and services that its little sister doesn’t provide. Both keep to their own rooms and are not allowed to play with each other’s friends.

Douyin vs Tiktok

Douyin’s top posts are based on comedy or pets, while TikTok’s top posts are more arts-based, featuring lip-syncs and trending dances. With posts that have context, a quick caption usually does the trick in TikTok. Douyin videos are more content-driven than TikTok. 

Instagram Reels:

Now instagram draws you in even harder into a mélange of, “look at what I can do!”

YouTube Shorts:

Has come up a little short compared to the rest but has more long term potential for professional  users.


Been around the block longer than TikTok and likes to hang with music groupies.


Short Video Comparison Chart


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