Vancouver's TITUS BANK Announces Debut EP 'Hopeless & Romantic'

Published: May 25, 2022
As originally published by Alex Hudson on Exclaim!

Following a string of recent singles, Vancouver pop artist TITUS BANK is releasing his debut EP. Hopeless & Romantic is out on July 8 through Everything Forever.

The EP includes seven songs plus a remix by Dizzy. It's largely made up of singles that have come out over the past year, including "I Do Yeah," "Radio," "Bad Loving," "Hide Me Like You Do" (plus the aforementioned Dizzy remix), "The Way You Love" and "I Give My All." Of the eight tracks, only "Waves Break" is brand new.

The EP was co-produced by TITUS along with Valley and BIG KILL. These songs come on the heels of TITUS's 2017 songwriting experiment, when he tried to write 365 songs (and ended up finishing 185). He said in a statement, "After the 365 challenge, I started focusing more on quality rather than quantity, like, 'OK, I know I can write a ton of decent songs, but how can turn those into great songs?"

Hopeless & Romantic:

1. I Do Yeah
2. Radio
3. Bad Loving
4. Hide Me Like You Do
5. The Way You Love
6. I Give My All
7. Waves Break
8. Hide Me Like You Do (Dizzy Remix)

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