KILL or KEEP: Taylor Swift – Red

Published: January 16, 2023

KILL or KEEP Vol.9

Taylor Swift – Red

Time has passed. How much – too much! The gang at KILL and KEEP are getting back together, and where better to turn our attention than on Taylor Swift’s never-forgotten recently-reclaimed coming-of-age epic post-teen mess of an album Red

This was the time! Most of us were dumb teenagers when Red was red-hot off the press and had complicated relationships with everything and anything including this album. How awesome! Now that post-Red history has continued and happened, we have the privilege of parsing it for Taylors past, present and future – for there was a whole lotta Taylor in that melting pot! She was fresh from stabbing the entire republic of Nashville in the front and exporting her domination of teenage bedroomspace to teenage dancefloordom: no more tiptoeing towards pop stardom, this was where Taylor Swift began to stomp (but on whomst’ve?).

Also, Sputnik was down for whatever reason while we were doing this lol. Let’s go!

Taylor Swift 'Red' - Country Classics Review | Holler


The team is DavidYowi, johnnyoftheWell, Sinternet and Steak

Every song must either be KILLed or KEEPed.

The version of the album used is the original because we were invested in the time capsule, and because it is shorter and one of our number was midway through a 24-hour exam window, and Taylor Swift is rich enough as it is.

Two proposals were made for the special rule:

1. You have to end each track by saying what you think Taylor’s toes taste like.

2. Every time you KILL a song, you have to say an artist who should have guested on it

Looking back on this, it is not entirely clear which was adopted. 

We forgot to enforce a minimum KILL threshold, but this did not turn out to be an issue. 

Starting Impressions

Yowi: I used to hate Taylor as a teenage boy but now that I’m an adult (insert gender here) I’m neutral on her. Expecting to enjoy it enough but not go crazy over it.

jotW: Red is good and it is also bad. It has half my early teenage memories and most of the best Taylor singles, but also a lot of shit that no-one likes to talk about. I’m wired, let’s go, can’t wait to KILL and KEEP this shit yes!

STEAK: Okay so Red was always like a half good half not good album for me so I was hoping to feel a bit better towards it and maybe I do now??? Red is definitely important to Taylor’s overall growth because it allowed 1989 to happen which is peak and always will be peak Taylor.

Sin: I like Taylor and Red is an underappreciated album in her discog at least up until recent reappraisal, fuck Ed Sheeran though.





(1) State of Grace

Sin: Who wrote gop

jotW: Man I love republicans 

STEAK: State of mace!

Sin: More like state of face, idk what that means

jotW: I forgot that Tayswift was still kinda taking cues from Paramore in this era.

Sin: The hayley biting is crazy

STEAK: Taylor sounds good on this 

Yowi: I like the drums

Sin: This is my fave hillary clinton inauguration anthem

STEAK: That’s me on the drums

Yowi: Congrats steak u did good

jotW: “Liberal Tears” – Taylor Swift, 2012

Sin: She def has a poster of mccain on her bedroom wall

STEAK: Constantly thinking how her toes taste jeez this is 16 tracks

Sin: Ok i forgot how undeniable the chorus is damn

STEAK: Chorus is very good

Sin: Did she just say heel, im edging already guys imagine taylor’s heels

Yowi: yeah this is pretty tight honesty. Good build good opener so far

STEAK: It’s no welcome to new york but this is a good intro 

Sin: Obvious KEEP but would have loved a Jimmy Kimmel feature

Yowi: Nah play dirty

jotW: Dope Taylor opener yes yes yes this KILL or KEEP has started we are GETTING BACK TOGETHER hard KEEP.


Yowi: KEEP

(2) Red

STEAK: I FEEL 22 (I am 27)

Sin: Ha ur old

jotW: Opening lyric be like wow imagine driving a car lol 

STEAK: This sounds grossly modern country

Sin: I mean she was the face of modern country. Remember how betrayed nashville fan was when she dared do a dubstep drop

Yowi: This seems like old Taylor

STEAK: When do the screaming goats come

jotW: Already quivering for the goats ngl

Yowi: not crazy on the “eh eh eh ehe” hook

Sin: why are we waiting for goats when Taylor is the only GOAT


Sin: Say psyche right now

STEAK: This does sound OKAY but idk I don’t dig this sound, she’s not even red rn

Yowi: Not bad but probably would’ve ignored if it came on the radio

Sin: Ok this song makes me feel way too nostalgic i cant help it guys sorry I WILL KEEP but really could have had a mark hamill guest spot here

jotW: This song is nostalgia but in the same way that puberty is nostalgia and imma have to KILL on principle. Should have been a duet with um um um Rihanna could have carried those eh-eh-ehs.

STEAK: I am KILLing this track goodbye we are GREEN out here

Yowi: Ehhh sure KILL The movie Red was in 2011 so she could’ve brought on Bruce Willis for promoting smdh

(3) Treacherous 

STEAK: This song is about long forgotten myspacecore band Sea of Treachery

Sin: How bout you sea deez nuts

STEAK: Sint I will kiss you my friend

Sin: Sorry taylor has already taken me

jotW: We were first young when I first saw u

In deez nuts

Sin: Love Story but she wakes up and it’s all a dream

STEAK: This was her warmup for folklore

Sin: This is end credits of a high school musical ripoff music

STEAK: She has me in a trance rn and all I can see are black painted toenails

jotW: We are slowdancing 3 songs in and the sequencing has already broken me. 

Sin: Think of it as a radio drama with ten minute episodes, and then throw up at the idea of that

jotW: She is a mirrorball show me every version of those black painted toenails tonight

STEAK: This daydream is not dangerous Taylor you are in a candy store

Sin: My new head canon is that this song is about her lust for elon musk

Yowi: Like the dynamic of the verses and chorus 

STEAK: Elon’s musk, I will KILL this track along with Elon’s MUSK

jotW: T/F this song was a carissa’s wierd cover

Sin: I could def hear feist on this tbh. I would KILL for the sake of it but there’s some stinkers later so I will KEEP for now

Yowi: I’ll KEEP it won me over

jotW: Narrow KILL and imma steal Sint’s take and say it coulda woulda shoulda been a Feist duet

(4) I Knew You Were Trouble



Sin: This sounds like secondary school Year 9

Sin: Should I automatically KILL for that or nah

jotW: !!!!!!!! Every shit disco i have ever been to is coming back and it is BETTER THAN EVER i MISS not knowing hard to dance to that drop so much.


STEAK: I can HEAR the goats

Yowi: mannnn I never liked this song. Don’t like either verse or chorus 

Sin: I think this song’s reputation (omg taylor reference) kinda precedes any objective view. It’s a good track but some of the production is just so weird and of its time.


jotW: What do you even do with objectivity with a song like this lmao fuck that noise lfg!!! KEEP a million times over this is the only good Avicii song RIP

STEAK: TIL YOU PUT ME DOWN (the current state of sput)

Yowi: Sounds like it belongs on a different album

Sin: I’m gonna have to KEEP it’s too awkwardly iconic, but with this much dubstep we are really missing a Burial remix

Yowi: KILL. Needed more anguished screams in the chorus so my choice for feat is Eli Wendler of Black Curse

jotW: Lmfao apparently Sput is back up and people are actually commenting on it again and not losing their damn minds to this song on this googledoc, couldn’t be me!!! KEEP

STEAK: Goodnight.

(5) All Too Well

STEAK: I will go ahead and say this song is OVERRATED and NOTHING special 

Sin: Pfft only 5 minutes? Couldn’t be me

jotW: SO MANY things have been said about this song that it can’t not be overrated but hmm it is good and Jake Gyllenhaal is my dudecrush so it gives me conflicted feels and i like this from Taylor

STEAK: Jake Gyllenhaal did NOTHING WRONG

Sin: You gotta realise this is the first time Taylor sang a song that didn’t sound like it was written by a 15 year old in their bedroom and its iconic for that

jotW: Don’t you dare talk about Better Than Revenge that way

STEAK: Jake Gyllenhaal actually still has a twin sized bed

jotW: And a twin lol pog (actually are they twins or just norm sibs?)

STEAK: I THINK they are twins but idk let’s ask family guy Peter Griffin

jotW: Okay dope greatest song of all time about losing your v chez your partner’s twin

Yowi: I gotta say I do think Taylor is a good lyricist, she has an eye for details

Sin: Tbf i’d chuck jake out if he was in shit movies like day after tomorrow. Starring in a Roland Emmerich film is a massive red flag

STEAK: LOST IN TRANSLATION isn’t that a book or something

jotW: Yeah but then there’s the movie where there are two Jakes and it is too much for the world to cope with maybe this is how Taylor felt

STEAK: I will KILL this song come at me TWITTER 

Sin: Clear KEEP, nothing else to add. Maybe have a crying jake gyllenhaal voicemail in the background for ultimate emo vibes

jotW: My powers of contrarian douchebaggery have failed me (as have u Jake senpai), this song is a big hard KEEP.

Yowi: KEEP best song here so far

(6) 22


Sin: Remember when this song came out and it seemed so far in the future

Yowi: tfw u turned 23 this year :[

STEAK: I remember hearing this and being confused it was Taylor Swift

Sin: From All Too Well to these lyrics man

jotW: Don’t make me cry Sint i cannot cope with the whiplash

Sin: Ok the chorus still slaps but ugh the verses

jotW: Hot take this has aged fantastically and the chorus is enormous fire (verses are meme but we move)

STEAK: Really infectious chorus good JOB taylor 

Sin: Who’s Taylor Swift anyway ew || jotW: WHO’S TAYLORSWIFT ANYWAY EWWW

Yowi: Another big radio hit I remember. I only remember the chorus i feel like I never heard the verses once or at least forgot

jotW: Miserable and magical sounds like the Coldplay fb groups that probably existed back then

Sin: Coldplay fan groups are the same demographics as preston north end supporters, I will not elaborate

STEAK: I have to PEE I will be right back

Sin: That’s not very 22 of you

Sin: KEEP because once I felt 22 too, Lil Peep feature when

jotW: KEEP yes this is the best chorus I love it


Yowi: Man these pop hits could’ve been better incorporated into the album KILL. Needed a rap verse, how about Scarface from Geto Boys

(7) I Almost Do

jotW: What is this song I have zero memory of it || Sin:  I don’t even remember this one || STEAK: I don’t think this song is real I have no recollection of it


jotW: …we have now just heard a chorus, any thoughts lol


Sin: Ok so none of us have anything to say about this


STEAK: This is lame

Sin: It’s fine i guess. Sounds like country five for fighting

jotW: Lyrics/melodies feel extremely James Blunt I’ve gotta say

Sin: Ooh good shout

STEAK: I will be James BLUNT and say KILL 

Sin: I am also gonna get a headstart and say KILL not because it’s bad but it’s just not interesting, now with a Corey Taylor feature… that would be something.

jotW: I wanna KEEP… at least… I ALMOST DO!!! KILL no regrets um James Blunt Taylor Swift duet yes PLEASE

STEAK: Nice FAKEOUT Johnny you used Taylor’s lyrics like Jake Gyllenhaal used her heart!!!!

Yowi: Dug this KEEP

(8) We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

jotW: Hypothesis: this is still the greatest song the greatest the greatest Taylor Swift song of all time no cap


Sin: Johnny you stole my comment

STEAK: It’s great and top 5 taylor probably 

Yowi: This song goes hard

Sin: This is just the greatest realistic breakup anthem of all time

jotW: Omg that gated anime guitar yep this is still perfect

Sin: Just waiting for the greatest lyric ever written dont mind me


STEAK: I’m clapping harder than a TTTS era Enter Shikari track

Sint: And you would hide away and find your peace of mind

With some indie record that’s much cooler than mine


Sin: You sing it taylor fuck those hipster bastards

STEAK: Is Taylor jabbing Bon Iver that indie fuck

jotW: Bon Iver was Taylor’s hipster redemption arc all along who knew




Yowi: banger KEEP

Sin: 100/5 KEEP classic oat get me a carly rae feature on this

jotW: KEEP this is the best song this series has or will ever KEEP

(9) Stay Stay Stay

STEAK: We have reached the HALFWAY point, is this a hallmark commercial?

jotW: Omg it’s almost Christmas

Yowi: Wow immediately hate this, thought it was a Target jingle first

Sin: The sequencing… THE SEQUENCING… Thank god we left ukuleles back in 2012

STEAK: I was in a rock band in high school and one of the dudes plays uke

Sin: That’s not a rock band, that’s a suck band

STEAK: He stood on one leg like a flamingo 

Sin: Imagine wanting to be mumford and sons

jotW: Imagine All Too Well with these lyrics

Sin: I will not do that Johnny

STEAK: I honestly think this song is bad why does it sound like a commercial but also like a taylor song do we find the correlation 

Sin: Have you checked out our new family car insurance plan?

STEAK: Show me the car fax! (Show me the toes taylor PLEASE)

jotW: No but i heard it’s a KILLer deal ha ha ha ha (this is a KILL should have been a duet with the Feeling hmm)

Sin: I’d KILL to never hear this again haha where’s the dababy feature?

STEAK: I will KILL this song next

Yowi: Leave KILL. Would like it more if it was so bring on Mike Love from the Beach Boys

(10) The Last Time

STEAK: Naming your tenth track on a 16 track album “The LAST Time”

Sin: This is the last time guys 

Sin: for what I don’t know

Sin: Wow taylor sounds different

jotW: Gary Lightbaby’s last hour in the spotlight :[[[[[ He did it all: everything

STEAK: Who is Gary poobody did he direct We’re Back a dinosaur story

Sin: Ok but the reindeer section were a good band tbh

jotW: This is the X Factor but also weirdly good 

Sin: This sounds like a Take That reunion instrumental

jotW: Yeah lol fr. Gary Barlow where are you now why did Jake Gyllenhaal replace you as my dudecrush

STEAK: I think this is solid maybe

Sin: She got the wrong gary :(

STEAK: Oh I know this song huh wait yes I do like this chorus thank you Gary the Snail

Sin: What song does the string section remind me of

jotW: Lover’s Spit lmao

Sin: Oh it sounds like Elbow – one day like this a bit but worse

STEAK: Did she just voice crack

jotW: Yeah autotune didn’t exist in 2011

Sin: Ok this is exactly ne day like this damn even Gary’s vocals are aping it

STEAK: I will KEEP this track 

Sin: KILL, this soppy shit is boring and done better by a billion other people and Taylor does nothing on this. Get me a Robbie Williams feature stat.

jotW: This is such sophouse silly shit I love it surprise KEEP 

Yowi: Will keep things balanced KILL. Thought the dude was Chris Martin of Coldplay so bring him on

(11) Holy Ground

STEAK: This song is about jesus

jotW: This song directly inspired Kanye – God Breathed 

Sin: Holy ground is anywhere Taylor’s beautiful toes have trodden

STEAK: Amen brother

Sin: I do remember liking this track a lot tbh

STEAK: I like this it’s fun and bouncy and got some airy quality to her voice that I like 

Sin: The instrumental has a nice bounciness to it yea

jotW: This is big good slowmotion ferris wheel but also people are dancing music

Yowi: Dig the beat. Could see this also being the opener

STEAK: I really like the backing vocals 

Yowi: Real good track KEEP

STEAK: This is a hard KEEP good JOB TAYLOR 

Sin: Def best in a while, KEEP for sure, need T-Pain on this bih

jotW: Had forgotten most of this one somehow mmmmhm it is good it is a highlight it is a KEEP

(12) Sad Beautiful Tragic

STEAK: Song title is me when Taylor STILL hasn’t shown me those ankles

Sin: We will never get the post-workout feet pics :(

jotW: I know this melody it is the emo song

STEAK: American Football Taylor

jotW: Are we 110% sure this isn’t a Punisher song that somehow ended up on the spotify tracklist

Yowi: Liking this. Album was in need of a slower track and this is doing a good job of scratching that itch

STEAK: let’s bring back the punisher thread 

jotW: Yeah, Sput going down was a bitter reminder that it has been multiple months since anyone last shat themselves in there

Sin: I’m just vibing tbh i don’t have any original thoughts

STEAK: I SHOULDN’T probably like this as much as I do but I DO Johnny help yes Taylor sing me to sleep in the comfort of our two story house

Sin: Rare case of decent sequencing in this messy ass album. Ooh that little twang.

jotW: We are so cottagecore rn 

STEAK: I like when she does the slow songs well cause her voice fits it perfectly 

Sin: This is def open mic night 17 year old girl with acoustic guitar vibes, but good in spite of that

Yowi: KEEP

STEAK: KEEP YES good slow song taylor 

Sin: KEEP, feel like I’m floating so need a Future feature to bring me back down

jotW: I know I’ll forget all about this if I KEEP it, so imma KILL in the hope I’ll regret this. Cannot endorse a Phoebe Bridgers duet, so it’ll have to be um idk Ethel Cain.

(13) The Lucky One

STEAK: This title is when Taylor DOES finally send the feet pics to my gmail account

Yowi: The lucky one (toe she has)

Sin: You are not the lucky one steak

STEAK: I AM lucky because I remember how I like this chorus quite a bit!!

jotW: Idk why but the above comments gave me a flashback to when Hayley Williams’ nudes leaked and the entire internet exploded for a week. Discuss? I vaguely remember there was a sput blogpost or something

Sin: Ah yes that was an interesting time. Might be one of the first times i ever saw nudes

STEAK: I do remember hayley’s nudes leaking yea that was pretty insane I don’t remember what year it was tho 

Sin: But also fuck leaking that shit

jotW: For real

Yowi: I like how this compliments the last track tonally. 

Sin: Rare sequencing W so far

STEAK: This album is a mess but it does get the sequencing correct a few times so props 

jotW: Of all tracks here, this is maybe the closest to an i’m-a-bit-older-now sequel to Speak Now?

Sin: Her cadence is so nice on this track

STEAK: I will go ahead and KEEP this track it’s perfect slow Taylor with a really good chorus 

Sin: KEEP because she makes me feel like I AM the lucky one. Lucki feature for even more luck.

jotW: Hmmmmmmmmm I can’t think of any mean reasons to KILL this even though the chorus do repeat q a bit, marginal KEEP

Yowi: KEEP back half is pretty cool so far

(14) Everything Has Changed


STEAK: This stars the guy who sang the end credits song in the new Pokemon game 

Sin: Ahh yes the other single from this album

jotW: This was a single????

Sin: I think so? I remember it getting played a ton

STEAK: I don’t think I ever heard this until I jammed the Taylor version of this when it dropped, I do remember not liking it tho lol sorry Eddy boy

jotW: Cadence on this is unexpectedly 4 Non Blondes 

STEAK: War flashbacks to beating pokemon violet and hearing this dude out of nowhere

Sin: I hate 4 Non Blondes

Yowi: Does their only record hold up at all or no?

jotW: I have no idea but this chorus feels v ready to turn into their only song that matters

Yowi: Lowkey think that song ruled

STEAK: I’m glad Taylor realized I’ve been too nice in the backhalf and gave me this track on a silver platter to hate unconditionally 

Sin: 4 non blondes does not hold up, but Linda Perry’s solo stuff is quite nice

STEAK: Everything HAS Changed because now I am KILLing a track instead of KEEPing so goodnight Ed Sheeran you have been put in the ground

Sin: The only thing that’s changed is the loss of patience, KILL. throw a Ted Nugent feature on there,, why not?

jotW: Ed Sheeran is weak sap KILL this bring back chad Gary

Yowi: I’ll be nice and KEEP last 3rd making up for the first half 

(15) Starlight

STEAK: Is this a Muse cover

jotW: It is the optimum lighting state for killer foot selfies

STEAK: YES Johnny 

Sin: Hot take: Starlight is the best Muse track

STEAK: Starlight is very good pop muse

Yowi: Bobby on the Boardwalk

Sin: This should def be in the front half lol

jotW: Hot take Starlight do be the worst single on Black Holes

STEAK: This is a starbucks song 

Sin: Was Knights of Cydonia a single because if so that is way worse god that song is tragically bad

jotW: Knights of Cydonia has a healthy footing on the plane of ironygood, Starlight does not 

STEAK: The BEST Black holes song is Map of the Problematique, also sorry Taylor this is just meh

Sin: Ok maybe i agree with steak

jotW: yeah Map is big Fuck this Song is okay But Every Other pop song on the First Half is Better hmmm this is bside

Sin: Another hot take: this song is great. Feels like it should be an Ellie Goulding song though

Yowi: People who have a million kids are weird. 

STEAK: Is this Taylor on the electric guitar

jotW: HAVE 10 KIDS AND TEACH EM HOW TO DRINK damn yeah i love redneck Taylor

Sin: Taylor on that mormon grind

Sin: KEEP, makes me feel all gooey inside. King Charles hop on this bad boy

STEAK: I will KILL this track I hate the way she said dancing 

jotW: This is KILL Thom Yorke should have featured fuck Muse

Yowi: Uhh this is pretty nice KEEP

(16) Begin Again

STEAK: BEGIN to show me the toes please GOD we are finally almost done with the hour long behemoth

jotW: We are beginning again sorry guys this was just the test drive

Sin: You are legally required to restart the album after this. Taylor Swift’s groundhog day

STEAK: Test Drive is a good Joji song! Filthy Frank up in here!

jotW: This is literally identical to You Belong With Me wtf groundhog day do be real

Sin: 2022 taylor be like “you yeet your head back laughing like a little fortnite kid”

STEAK: I heard that country twanging guitar Taylor you cannot fool me

Yowi: Good calm closer but MAN this did not need to be 16 tracks

Sin: Who listens to James Taylor

jotW: Taylor has every single James Taylor record. To this day there is nothing in her room but James Taylor records

STEAK: This is another decent/good slow taylor song BUT it has a disgusting amount of country on it

jotW: This is a classic case of okay-song good-closer

Sin: Renaissance faire vibes

STEAK: I will be KIND to Taylor on this day and KEEP this closer because it DOES have closer vibes goodnight Taylor let me massage your soles

Sin: I do like this song but not as much as I remember, good closer though so KEEP. Gorillaz feature would go nuty.

jotW: This is nice KEEP 

Yowi: KEEP very nice track

STEAK: I would like to point out that a Punisher song autoplayed after this


Closing Remarks

Sin: Definitely has a lot of iconic moments and I feel justified still in calling it underappreciated, if it was maybe 12 tracks instead of 16 it might have been fantastic. We are never getting back together is still her best song oat no question and as the middle child of the speak now -> 1989 trilogy eras it shows both signs of maturity and nods to her more teen-oriented songwriting in a sometimes awkward but usually enticing smorgasbord of ideas. Keeping it at a 4 rating.

jotW: Fuckin shit, my library queued up µ-Ziq to follow that and I am now confused! Um!!! Red is better than I remembered, and its NO-moments are more confined to a few individual stinkers and bad sequencing decisions than a wider phenomenon of awfulness. Good stuff! Always thought it dropped the ball a little between Speak Now and the birthday album, but now I can vibe that the three together were easily Taylor Swift’s peak in good conscience hooray!!!

STEAK: I do think maybe this is better than I remember but there are also a good chunk of tracks I either do not care for or straight up don’t like. The bangers are ETERNAL and I even found some more love and appreciation for deeper cuts (of which there are many because it’s a taylor album and she has no self control). This probably should’ve ended on track 13 because that track destroyed and is great but I will give Taylor props for always sticking to her guns and releasing every song she ever wrote shout out to our very own dalton dubois. Think I might settle on like a high 3 low 3.5 for this puppy. Now if only Taylor would show me HER puppies aka the toes and detailed archwork on those feet let’s go Taylor YES.

Yowi: More or less met expectations. The poppier tracks like 22 and Trouble are out of place and there were way too many tracks, but it didn’t feel like it was over an hour and I have a greater respect for what she does. Very much a transitional album, felt like she had one foot in the pop world and one foot in her country roots. Last half way better than the first. I give it a 3.5.

STEAK: I wish she had both feet in my mouth 

Yowi: You need a time out steak

STEAK: Goodnight Taylor and pals


Final KILLstats

DavidYowi: 5/16 (31%)

jotW: 7/16 (44%)

Sinternet: 4/16 (25%)

SteakByrnes: 7/16 (44%)

Surviving Tracklist

The following are the remaining songs that not one competitor elected to KILL.

They constitute the new, official version of the album:

1. State of Grace

2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

3. Holy Ground

4. The Lucky One

5. Begin Again

KILL or KEEP will return (very) soon, please be excited and stay posted!



Vol.1: Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie…

Vol.2: Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile 

Vol.3: Carly Rae Jepsen – Emotion

Vol.4: Deftones – White Pony

Vol.5: Nightwish – Once

Vol.6: Tavito Nanao – Heavenly Punk Adagio

Vol.7: Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain…

Vol.8: The Beatles – The Beatles



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