These Recreations of Flea Market Paintings by French Artist Blase are Incredible

Published: February 20, 2017

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The French artist Blase, aka Blasepheme, is relatively known in the flea markets of his home town Paris. Not only because of his art but because he takes old paintings and brings them back to life in a satirical manner. Blase crafts new ideas out of old destroyed artworks and gives them a second life adding subversive details.

Referencing pop culture, his work features cues to slogans such as the inflammatory ‘Make America Great Again,’ iPhones,  Charlie Hebdo and many other things that resemble the times we live in. The satirisation of many of these issues is humorous in its own way but also reveals the absurdity of some of these things as well – particularly when juxtaposed against renaissance backdrops.

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