Change The Record Episode 5: In Place Of War

Published: January 26, 2022

In Place of War

In episode 05 of Change The Record, we sit down with Ruth Daniel, CEO and creative director of the global charity, In Place of War. Through the organisation, creativity is used as a tool to produce positive change in places of conflict.

In Place Of War Podcast

Listen to Change The Record the Attack Magazine podcast below.

In Place of War leads with the slogan, "creativity conquers conflict". There are millions facing conflict every day. Ruth Daniels and her team deploy music and the arts to reduce conflict worldwide.

Through In Place of War, freedom, hope and opportunity is rapidly replacing violence. The charity works in various areas including where gang wars remain rampant, previous warzones and regions that still are blighted by conflict.

Where people are considered to have become products of their own environments, Ruth Daniels applies an approach centred on self-improvement.

One way In Place Of War applies this is to build music studios in gang-infused communities. The idea is to allow for creativity-guided solutions to the significant issues people are facing. By teaching the skills and providing the tools, the charity hopes to empower change.

Ruth Daniels
Ruth Daniel, In Place of War

In Place of War works in partnership with DJs, companies and organisations such as Cici, DJ Yoda, Sam Wise, DJ Matrix, Pioneer DJ, Beatport, Roland, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the British Council to name a few.

Attack Mag was truly honoured that Ruth Daniel was so generous with her time. Please enjoy the podcast.

Learn more about In Place of War.


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