Podbean Adds Podcast Transcript and Crowdfunding Tags

Published: January 06, 2022

Podbean has added two new tag fields to podcasters’ RSS feeds for transcript tags and crowdfunding tags. These make your podcast’s transcript and Patron program available on the directories and apps that support these tags.*

*Note that podcast transcript and closed caption is available on Podbean’s Unlimited Audio tiers and above. Podbean’s Patron program is available on Podbean’s Unlimited Plus tiers and above.

Podcast transcript tag
Podcast crowdfunding tag

Podcast transcript tag

Some podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts will link to your transcript file and allow your podcast transcript to serve different purposes, such as being able to search for a podcast based on the transcript. Currently, we support .srt file type for transcripts. If your podcast episode has transcripts, it will show this transcripts tag in your RSS feed:
<podcast:transcript url=”____” type=”application/srt”/> 

Podcast crowdfunding tag

Many podcasters utilize Podbean’s Patron crowdfunding platform to create recurring revenue for their show. If you’ve created a Patron program in your Podbean account, it will show this crowdfunding tag in your RSS feed: 

<podcast:funding url=”_____”>Title</podcast:funding>

If you have any questions, contact our Support team anytime at help.podbean.com

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