“The History Of Metal And Horror” Features Members Of Metallica, Slipknot And More!

Published: September 15, 2015

The History Of Metal And Horror” is a documentary which explores the evolution of both heavy metal and horror, and how the two genres have merged over time. Sounds like a badass documentary right? RIGHT. The film will feature both horror and heavy metal icons, including Kirk Hammett, Corey Taylor, Alice Cooper and more, and will be a must watch for fans of both music and movies! Mike Schiff is the brains behind this idea, and is now asking for our help to fund attorney fees, insurance, travel, post production, promotion, talent fees, licensing and everything else that goes into making this dream a reality! The History Of Metal And Horror” Indiegogo campaign page is now live, and you can donate however much you can to make this happen, and it should happen! Take a look at the promo below, and tell me you wouldn’t want to see this! It looks AMAZING! Head to the Indiegogo campaign page for more information, and spread the word so we can see this for our own eyes in the future!

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