Episode 14 January 2014

Published: January 31, 2014

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Death in Amber Episode 14 – January 2014

What? I didn’t go anywhere.

Well, the end of 2013 was a sprint to the finish for me. In the midst of working three jobs and going to school full-time, I somehow convinced myself that I could still put out a podcast on a weekly basis.

Yeah, right.

So I took a little time off to regroup and finish up some much needed work, ad well as consider how to move forward with the show. It was actually quite easy.

Less, but longer podcasts.

Between writing, recording, editing, uploading, and verifying everything, one week can get short awfully quick.

So this is the podcast for January, 2014.

This week will include a couple of songs that I quite like from previous episodes, as well as new music from a band called Bag.

Bag was from Austin and played together from 2000-2003. Its members were:

Barry Welch – Guitars and Lead vocals

Jason Smith – Lead Guitars and Backing Vocals

Scott “Scotty MC” Carlin – Bass and Backing Vocals

Jacob “Turtle” Nehman – Drums




Thanks to Scott Carlin for the music and information about Bag. Currently,Barry Welch is immersed in his studio, Ross Recordings, recording independent artists in therock and hip-hop genres and doing commerical recording work. Scotty Carlin has a new project that’s been going on for about two years called Space Cushion.

Well, that’s January for Death in Amber. As always, if you have any submissions or know someone who should send out some music, let me know.


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