It’s Electronic: Q&A with JackEL

Published: April 04, 2015

We have a chat with Vegas-based DJ JackEL, who takes you on a hybrid genre journey of electro, house, dance, R&B, twerk, and even the occasional 90’s remix. Check out his HypedSound profile here.

Where are you from?

I’m originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. But I’ve been living in Vegas now for 2 years and really love it.

Do you prefer making big banger type electro tracks or more melodic progressive house?

You know, I really enjoy finding a perfect medium between the two. I love melody, but I love banging bass tracks. Some days I’m feeling more aggressive when I hit the studio and make more of a festival banger, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes I’m feeling very relaxed and end up making a slow R&B style of a track.

What is your current recording setup? Are there any aspects of it that are out of the ordinary or do you stick to the basics?

I need my purple Christmas lights around the ceiling of the studio, my lava lamp, and my melting clock in order to get in the zone. I also enjoy a very clean studio with a guitar somewhere close by.

How do you like the Las Vegas EDM scene? Do you see more tourists or locals at EDM shows?

The Las Vegas EDM scene is great, and I see some amazing fans at every performance I have out here. There are tons of tourists at all my gigs on the strip. But when I’m not DJ'ing on the strip, there are more locals at the event. Seems like EDM is just growing in Vegas, and people are really enjoying it!

What would be your dream gig? It could be a residency, a festival, anything you want.

I really want to live my life producing music for bands, rappers, singers, and even myself as a musician. My dream would be to travel around the world with like-minded musicians creating songs wherever we are. DJ'ing in all the cities we travel too. I also enjoy teaching, and would love to teach people in every city how to make music and be a skilled musician.

I also would love to perform at Coachella, and I see that dream coming true fairly soon.

Who is one DJ you would love to collaborate with?

I really enjoy all the artists on Soulection, and would like to collaborate with any of those guys, specifically Sam Gellaitry or Mr. Carmack.

What kind of music do you listen to when you’re not listening to EDM and house music?

I usually am listening to alternative/indie rock music, and have 28 speakers all around the inside & outside of my house here in Vegas. I’m always listening to music.

Stylistically, where do you see your music heading over the next few months and years?

Every day my music is changing. Being influenced by the things and events happening around me. I see my music increasing in quality and I enjoy exploring different genres. I am currently producing a couple hip hop albums for local Vegas artists, and a pop album for Nikki Phoenix. I am also in the works with my own EP, and try to make a song a day!

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