Love Music, Love, Love Music Videos!

Published: May 21, 2013

We know how much everyone loves music videos and so we thought it was about time we did a better job of surfacing these on – making sure we continue to deliver the most complete music resource experience at your fingertips.

So today we’re pleased to announce a brand new partnership with our good friends over at MUZU.TV, who will help us bring you over 90,000 music videos across Europe (with more countries to come very soon).

You’ll be able to play these videos from both the Artist page, where they’ll be accessible in the same order as the Top Tracks, and also on every Track page where there is video available. So lots of places on the site to get your music video fix!


Does it scrobble? Absolutely. We’ve made sure that scrobbling is automatically configured whenever you watch through the MUZU.TV player on (for logged in users), and so the more videos you watch, the better your music recommendations become. We’ll also be adding scrobbling to the MUZU.TV site soon, so you’ll also be able to scrobble MUZU.TV wherever you watch.

We’re super excited to have partnered with MUZU.TV – helping us bring you a richer experience.


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